TinderMiner Review: Is Tinda Miner Legit? Should I Invest With Them

Tinder-Miner Review: Is Tinda Miner Legit? Who has been using the platform. On several occasions, i have seen their ads on search engine. That makes us to write about the platform today and let’s see how it works. Recently there are many scams out there however there are still few mining firm that are legit. And a good example is btc miner. If have been a Victim of scam, please indicate and we will help you further. See another fake mining firm like tinder miner with the name hoyomining.

Tiner Miner Review


Tinder Miner is a cloud mining firm that was founded by group of experts. Tinder-Miner is founded in 2022-11-23 and located  at 57-60 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ. Now they claim  to translate your dream into reality. We know that Cloud mining is the easiest and most efficient way to make money from cryptocurrency mining without having to buy and maintain your equipment.
However one of the main advantages of this type of investment is that you only need to select a contract plan and buy it.
Thus obtain a stable passive income without the unnecessary risks and difficulties of independent mining!
Tinder Miner is building a highly efficient data center to providing a robust mining system for our users. They equally assume to provide the best cloud mining services and reward their miners.
They claim  to using the latest hardware like ASIC Miner & Mining rigs to ensure a high-speed mining experience in a cost-effective manner.
More-so they have a professional team to manage their cloud platform and mining pool. In writing tinder miner review i noticed that they are still new and need further verification before investing. However you can search for more information about them on Google. Compare platform with CronMining.


NEW CUSTOMER SPECIALS: This is the beginner plan and it has contract price of $12. The Contract duration is 365 days however the daily mining is 0.00003 BTC ( ≈ $0.54 ). Hardware used is Antminer S19
Monthly mining is 0.0009 BTC ( ≈ $ 16.2 )
BASIC: The basic plan have a minimum deposit of $360. However the contract duration is 365 days and daily mining is 0.0013 BTC ( ≈ $ 23.4 ). The hardware is Antminer S19 and Monthly mining is 0.039 BTC ( ≈ $ 702 ).
ECONOMY: In this account, the minimum deposit is $770 while contract duration is 365 days. Daily mining is up to 0.0059 BTC ( ≈ $ 118 )and Hardware is best Antminer S19. Monthly mining is 0.177 BTC ( ≈ $ 3540 )it’s the best plan for the company.
STANDART: This is most popular plan with discount on minimum deposit of $2580.
Contract duration is 365 days and daily mining is 0.0215 BTC ( ≈ $430 ) The hardware is Antminer S19 and monthly mining is 0.645 BTC ( ≈ $ 12900 )

Bigger Plans

SENIOR: This plan is $6580 at discount rate and the contract duration is 365 days
Daily mining is 0.0658 BTC ( ≈ $ 1316 ) and Hardware is Antminer S19.
The monthly mining is 1.974 BTC ( ≈ $ 39480.
ADVANCED: Advanced plan is equally popular at tinder miner with minimum deposit of $13860. However the Contract duration is 365 days. The daily mining  0.154 BTC ( ≈ $ 3080 )and Hardware is Antminer S19. Your monthly mining is 4.62 BTC ( ≈ $ 92400 ). 1000/1000(100%)
LUXURIOUS: This plan cost $32000 for minimum  deposit. However the contract duration is 365 days and daily mining is 0.31 BTC ( ≈ $ 5580 ). Hardware is Antminer S19 with monthly mining of 9.3 BTC( ≈ $ 167400 ) and Next Quota Period
OPTIMUM: This is the highest plan at tinder miner with minimum deposit of $78000 on discount. The contract duration is 365 days and Contract price is $ 78000
Daily mining is 1.3 BTC ( ≈ $ 26000 )
Hardware is Antminer S19 and Monthly mining is 39 BTC( ≈ $ 655200 )
Next Quota Period.

Is Tinder-Miner Legit?

I have got email from Tinder-Miner but not sure if tinder-miner is legit. Looking for opinion on whether to invest or not? The tinder miner is beautiful designed website. They are new like we have said and related to hitoomining, smarthash.pro, bt-miners, and easy BTC miner. However in the process of Tinder-Miner review, we noticed that they are not legit and reliable. Thus we do not recommend tinder miner. The platform is not legit because the offer bogus profit and claims. Investing with them might not necessarily be helpful for beginners. Mostly importantly those looking for huge investment. The platform have no well recognized team of professionals.
TinderMiner have low minimum trust score and to us we have no reason to trus them yet. However if you want to start mining bitcoin profitably now, go for a reliable platform we use. Try btc-miner for a better results.

Customer Support

Tinder Miner is a cloud mining firm that offers automated mining machines. They offer customer support via email, contact form and phone calls. Tinder-Miner claims to be located at 57-60 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ. The Email Address is [email protected] and Phone Number is +44 1227 39 2999. However in process of our Tinder-Miner review, we didn’t see livechat support. More-so if a website doesn’t offer livechat support, to me it might take time to get help. So if investing, check well.
Tinder-Miner review
Finally we will conclude our Tinder-Miner review by telling you to avoid them. The platform is not regulated, not reliable and not safe. However if you want to try them, fine but they always have their way of manipulating users. To start mining bitcoin with a reliable platform, go for btco-miner. They are reliable and safe, get 24/7 customer support from good agents. Try btc-miner and see the difference between them. However if you are not sure yet, go for our recommended platform, it’s another good mining site. Read KeyesMiner review before you Start investing and if you doubt the genuineness of btc-miner.org, read review. 

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  1. Dear author, you keep saying btc-miner.com is a reliable platform and keep telling others to take a good investment on them. Well I did , their customers service officer are sooo eager to respond to you b4 you invest but when after I invested, no profit no anything. I keep asking the customer service officer why is that so for many days and they not even reply once. What a scammer and scam website. Do not invest in them!!!

  2. Company has no Financial License to trade mining cryptocurrency , they grab clients to be looted way, before take a INVESTMENT PLAN they hide other charges , when withdraw request opened , they ask to deposit more BIG MONEY , so that client has to deposit more money. OVERALL NEW WAY TO SCAM——at end they have light weighted LICENSE TO BLOCK THE CLIENT AND DEACTIVATE.

  3. Necesito revisar mi situacion en tinder miner Mi nombre es maria asusana moran gutierrez y mi correo es

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