CronMining Review: Have You Heard Of CronMining Platform, You Might Have Wondered How It Works, See Revieworks

CronMining Review: Have you heard of CronMining platform, how does it work. Can I make profits from them, Is CronMining Platform Legit Or Scam? Find Out Today By Reading My Verified Review. Or start investing profitably with a reliable mining firm.


CronMining Review

A good number of cloud mining firm has emerged recently. They offer high returns on investment and claim good service. The CronMining platform is the Most Probable solution to cryptocurrency acquisition. Therefore if you are looking for the best way to earn money on bitcoin mining, Cron Mining promise to give you the best.
In knowing what is cryptocurrency. A crypto-currency, or crypto is a collection of binary data which is designed to work as a medium of exchange. Individual coin ownership records are stored in a ledger, which is a computerized database using strong cryptography to secure transaction records, to control the creation of additional coins, and to verify the transfer of coin ownership. However by investing with CronMining, you must not worry about profit as they claim. Well we always advise that you must check a website before mining with them. Cron Mining is yet to be verified by compare platform with Tinder-Miner, another claiming best site.

Is CronMining Legit?

CronMining is a new mining firm and we don’t know if they are here to stay. CronMining is not legit because we have compared them and finding out that they are just like other site with low tracking record. Now the question should be who owns the platform? In the process of our CronMining review we noticed that they didn’t provide us with who owns the website and the parent company. They claim that it originated by North America coming of a reputed Brand Cron Company jointly established by Top Investors. Well the simple truth remains that CronMining platform is not legit. Thus we won’t recommend them for our investors. Since we can’t see a tangible evidence showing that they are legit, we shall not credit them with trust. But if you actually want to start mining bitcoin profitably, go for btc-miner.

Plans And Pricing

First of it all, we have to let you know that they have two plan. The first plan is on Basic USDT mining contract and the second is Pro ETH. Therefore you can choose any plan that best suits you.

Cron Mining

Cron Mining BASIC USDT

Silver: In his plan you invest a minimum of $100 and it gives you $6.92 Daily. Therefore, the duration of this contract is 14 Day(s) and Referral is 10% on each user. Hashrate up to 30 Mhash/s

Gold: This plan comes with $250 minimum deposit and daily profit of $17.32. However it’s a 14 Day(s) contract with referral or 15% percent and Hashrate up to 120 Mhash/s.

Diamond: CronMining regard this plan as the profitable with a minimum deposit of $1000. However the daily profit is $73.28 and contract duration is For 14 Day(s)
Referral. More-so, you get 20% on referral bonus and Hashrate up to
450 Mhash/s. See if stackeclub mining firm is legit or scam, we have reviewed them also.

Cron Mining PRO ETH

Silver: In this plan, you get (0.0675) ETH Daily however the Price for this plan is $1200. The contract duration is 14 Day(s) and the Referral bonus is up to 10%. Hashrate is 500 Mhash/s and there’s additional bonus.

Gold: In this gold plan ,the minimum deposit is $5000. However youget (0.2813) ETH Daily as profit. The contract duration is For 14 Day(s) and referral is up to
15%. The hashrate is up to 2600 Hash/s.

Diamond: This is the highest plan on CronMining with (0.5627) ETH Daily profit. However the deposit Price is $10000 and the contract duration Is For 14 Day(s). On referral, you get up to 20% on every deposit from your client. Hashrate is 5400 Mhash/s and might attract bonus.

Customer Support

The CronMining platform do offer customer support but via email and phone calls. Therefore you can get support from contact page and email massage. More-so, you can visit the address here 7 TECHPARK CRESCENT 01-00 TUAS TECHPARK , SINGAPORE. The Phone Number is
+65 68461535. Email Address is
[email protected]. Please note that the office address is just a written location and we are not sure if such exist. Moreover in the process of our CronMining review, we noticed that it has no livechat support. Therefore investing with them might not be safe because when you don’t get help from them, you can’t determine if they still exist or about to short down. We have had bad experience with other platforms like, H2HASHES and easy BTC mining.

CronMining Review Conclusion

CronMining review

Finally we will conclude our CronMining review by telling you to avoid them. The platform is built with intuitive interface and high quality performing power. But we have identified the platform to be risky in mining bitcoin with them. Therefore it’s very difficult to be legit when they are not powered by any regulated company. Compare platform with mining firm and see if Freebnbmining review before Conclusion. But most importantly, start earning daily with btc-miner.

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