Keyesminer Review: Is KeyesMiner Legit Or Scam? Get the right information

Keyesminer Review: Is KeyesMiner Legit Or Scam? Get the right information about the platform from my review. Recently, mining is just like cool gambling. It’s two face investment, though if you start to mine on your own, you can get better understanding of the system. See if BrbMining is legit or scam, find out more before investing. Get free bitcoin now 

KeyesMiner Review


Keyes Foreign Trade LLC is a cloud mining firm that was founded in late 2019 by seasoned June, Jason and James. Keyes Miner is a trusted Chinese crypto miner supplier, located in Chengdu, China. With the development of the company’s business. They currently have set up a branch in Chicago, USA. Therefore you can buy your mining equipment at affordable pricing. Shop cryptocurrency mining equipment, hardware, and merch. Or book their assembly and consulting services.
Moreover, whether you want to buy a new or used miner.

They can provide first-hand resources of various blockchain miners like Bitmain, Innosilicon, Avalon, MicroBT, Goldshell, WhatsMiner, iPollo. The platform goal is to provide high quality cryptocurrency mining equipment with reasonable prices and fast delivery.

Keyes miner has an experienced logistics team that can help delivery miners to almost everywhere in the world, and we have been exported to the United States, Mexico, Canada, Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Central Asia and South Africa. See if iquandex is legit or scam. Read about EmpireFXPlus

Is KeyesMiner Legit

Before we can tell you to start buying from them, we want to know if KeyesMiner is legit. Therefore we can check this by studying the information on the website and tracking it’s genuineness in other systems. However if we accept and recommend, it’s liable to change. But as said, KeyesMiner platform has a team of certified technicians. In fact, in addition to providing rich pre-sales technical support and after-sales service to cryptocurrency mining enthusiasts; Keyes miner also provides hosting, maintenance, upgrades; Dust removal to keep your miners running smoothly and meet your mining needs. In the process of our KeyesMiner review, we noticed that it’s a domain registered in 2021/1126. That’s different from what they told us as thy claim 2019. More-so we are not sure of the address provided. But if they are good we will still know If not, it will be revealed just like kikomining.

KeyesMine review

Miners To Buy On Keyes Miner store


There are six types of miners available in the Keyes Miner store. These six get listed according to the minable coin. We have Bitcoin, Ethereum, LTC, Grin, ZTC, and DCR miners. In short, the miner sells all miners associated with the above coins.

These include Bitmain, Canaan, Goldshell, iBeLink, Innosilicon, and Whatsminer. The store wants you to believe that everything is okay and available. Far from it, there’s no proof that the store owns these miners.

A genuine store will post photos of the miners available in their warehouse. The store will also post a short 30-second video of the miner in action. That gives buyers a chance to check how well the miner works.

As a buyer, you must have the proof you need that the miner works effectively. And that’s where the video comes into play. Unfortunately, the store even fails to quote the condition of these miners. Are they new or used miners?

The pricing of these miners is another red flag. Again, we see a store that undersells miners to try and revamp sales. The store wants to attract many buyers into the fray before swindling them. That’s why we must expose the price aspect of the store. Read minersy review and find out if they are legit.

Should  i Avoid Buying Crypto Hardware Miners From Keyes Miner Store?

Such stores want to push buyers into buying miners in bulk. The store wants you to purchase several miners hoping to mine more coins. Such stores also target miners who want to set up a crypto mining farm.

These discounts are too high for the store to run a formidable ship. You also need to know the market prices of these miners. Be suspicious of stores that try and undersell miners to attract buyers.

Affiliate and referral commissions

An affiliate position is available to try and spice up the store’s numbers. The store promises affiliates a 25 percent commission on all sales. That means the store will ensure you earn a hefty commission for every sale.

It’s not the case, as the store is only planning to take advantage of your connections. For example, you have a store that will attempt to fool affiliates into getting more clients. The store intends to take advantage of your connections.

You get a store that fails to release commissions to buyers. That’s when the store decides to offload affiliates by blocking commissions. Then, the store will delete all conversion data on the affiliate’s portal.

As an affiliate, you must protect those you direct to the store. That means checking and confirming whether a store delivers on its promise. Unfortunately, those you direct to the store lose their investments.

You find that these victims may decide to take legal action against such stores. The law will view you as an accessory to online fraud. That’s why we insist on staying away from such affiliate programs.

Therefore No professional affiliate wants to partner with the store for obvious reasons. Word has gone around that the store leaves affiliates in the dry. Such stores want to take advantage of anyone they meet. Compare platform with Bt-Miners it might look the same.

Support Service

Keyes Miner store offers support via livechat, email and phone. Therefore you can contact them by writing to the platform email address. More-so you can check out the office address in their website. Address: Jincheng Avenue, High-tech Zone, Chengdu, Sichuan Province

Tel: +8618280140209

Email: [email protected]

WhatsApp: +8618280140209

KeyesMiner Review Conclusion

Finally we will conclude our KeyesMiner review by telling you to study further before purchasing. The miner provider is not regulated no registered. The review we have seen about the platform is not reliable. But KeyesMiner can be legit, however if you are currently buying from them.


Let us know with evidence that other customer should purchase from them. In the process of this KeyesMiner review, we checked, domain Authority and more, tge website still need trust score. Please help us with more information. Read Zeus-Mining review before investing learn more about Usdctrx mining firm. Mine bitcoin without fee or stress. 

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