Hoyomining.net Review: Is HoyoMining Legit? What’s the point about using hoyomining.net.

Hoyomining.net Review: Is HoyoMining Legit? What’s the point about using hoyomining.net. well after many review from our user, we decided to write review of hoyomining. However in the process of the hoyomining.net review, we saw many reasons to justify our review. It’s not really easy to say they are legit or scam without testing the platform. We trust bitcoin mining Hoyomining.net Review


Hoyo Mining Is a free platform developed by crypto enthusiastic. They claim to be team that come from in blockchain industry and IT engineers. Thus they have you covered with the knowledge and skills of the team, they claim to lowest price on electricity and purchasing costs in the Cryptocurrency mining industry, especially in terms of electric energy. Therefore high-quality wind energy, hydro energy, and solar energy very cheap with hoyomining.net. As they usually say, Most of their team are from top internet companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Stanford. Read stackeclub review before investing.

More-so, more than half of their team is R&D department, they have rich technical strength. Yue Mining’s goal is to expand our business to the entire cryptocurrency industry chain in the future and serve global users through technological innovation. They claim to be established in 2018, with a specialized mining team that’s dedicated to mining free for people worldwide in the last 4 years. But the truth is that they are new and not up to a month. Most importantly, hoyomining.net is not legit but scam. Go for bitcoin-mining and stay safe

Hoyo Mining Plans

NEW CUSTOMER SPECIALS: This is the beginner plan and it has contract price of $10. The Contract duration is 365 days however the daily mining is 0.00003 BTC ( ≈ $0.54 ). Hardware used is Antminer S19
Monthly mining is 0.0009 BTC ( ≈ $ 16.2 )

BASIC: The basic plan have a minimum deposit of $360. However the contract duration is 365 days and daily mining is 0.0013 BTC ( ≈ $ 23.4 ). The hardware is Antminer S19 and Monthly mining is 0.039 BTC ( ≈ $ 702 ).

ECONOMY: In this account, the minimum deposit is $770 while contract duration is 365 days. Daily mining is up to 0.0059 BTC ( ≈ $ 118 )and Hardware is best Antminer S19. Monthly mining is 0.177 BTC ( ≈ $ 3540 )it’s the best plan for the company.

STANDART: This is most popular plan with discount on minimum deposit of $2580.
Contract duration is 365 days and daily mining is 0.0215 BTC ( ≈ $430 ) The hardware is Antminer S19 and monthly mining is 0.645 BTC ( ≈ $ 12900 )


High Return Plan

SENIOR: This plan is $6580 at discount rate and the contract duration is 365 days
Daily mining is 0.0658 BTC ( ≈ $ 1316 ) and Hardware is Antminer S19.
The monthly mining is 1.974 BTC ( ≈ $ 39480.

ADVANCED: Advanced plan is equally popular at hoyomining platform with minimum deposit of $13860. However the Contract duration is 365 days. The daily mining 0.154 BTC ( ≈ $ 3080 )and Hardware is Antminer S19. Your monthly mining is 4.62 BTC ( ≈ $ 92400 ). 1000/1000(100%)

LUXURIOUS: This plan cost $32000 for minimum deposit. However the contract duration is 365 days and daily mining is 0.31 BTC ( ≈ $ 5580 ). Hardware is Antminer S19 with monthly mining of 9.3 BTC( ≈ $ 167400 ) and Next Quota Period

OPTIMUM: This is the highest plan at hoyomining with minimum deposit of $78000 on discount. The contract duration is 365 days and Contract price is $ 78000
Daily mining is 1.3 BTC ( ≈ $ 26000 )
Hardware is Antminer S19 and Monthly mining is 39 BTC( ≈ $ 655200 )
Next Quota Period.

Is HoyoMining Legit?

Without wast of much time, hoyomining is not legit and not reliable enough to invest with. The platform is created by unknown group with viral mining sites. They claim to offer legit mining sites but they are fake. They create new sites every week and place it’s ads on Google. In which after that they defraud people who are new to crypto mining.

Well I’m not sure if this people tent to change, therefore if you see any sites related to hoyomining, just ignore. Other platform they have been using to defraud investors are hitoomining, CronMining, tinder miner kikomining etc. Avoid hoyomining platform and stay safe. However if you really want to start mining bitcoin with a good mining site, go for bitcoin mining.

Hoyomining.net is not legit and have bad reviews. Our user sent a massage with huge amount of money was stolen from him by hoyomining and the brother. Please stay away from them, it’s difficult to get your money back.


Customer Support

Just like we have told you, the hoyomining is not legit. The platform offer only email and contact form for support. To get in touch, email [email protected] or send messages on the contact form. However the address provided by hoyo mining is not correct. But if you can check their Office, still fine. 71-78 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ. In whatever you think, just know that the platform is not legit. Get started with a reliable platform instead or see our detailed information about other previous fake websites the group is using to scam investors.

Hoyomining platform Conclusion

Finally we will conclude our hoyomining.net review by telling you to avoid them. The platform is not legit and reliable.

If you invest with hoyo mining, you will lose your investment, please stay away from this platform. Previously, we have told you about how mining firm can claim to be real, they have many way to convince you just like smarthash.pro.

But please know them by reading our review. We always detect them few days after inventing them. Don’t jump into hoyomining platform without we recommending. Thus come back to share experience. Start mining bitcoin profitably and safely we our tested platform. See why you shouldn’t invest with sunmining.energy.


5 Responses to “Hoyomining.net Review: Is HoyoMining Legit? What’s the point about using hoyomining.net.”

  1. TOTAL SCAM Shame on you hoyo mining! it will not allows you to draw a bit of money at first and forever, they will Hit you with a large amounth of electrical bill (on all plan) NEVER disclosed, NEVER mentioned in their terms and conditions. Don’t fall for it. There is no such thing as easy money! Happy to share screenshot and all to show I am a REAL person defrauded by hoyo ,not competition.
    this is my email please contact me if you need anythings…..

    please dont and dont and dont invest with these crazy amid basters

  2. I was cajoled into thinking that this platform had something tangible to offer, I was approached by a lady on Social Media who told me about the platform that it was a life time opportunity worth investing into, She told me that her Uncle works at the Wall Street. I was impressed and convinced so I decided to invest into the scheme. When I opted to take out my funds they kept insisting that I pay more in form of percentage tax which sounded fraudulent. I was forced to seek help and I was directed to CryptoReviewer at Aol, com which took up my case and help retrieve my funds

  3. hoyomining, any site .net, .com, .io, or any, where you see bouncing gold coin is a scam. I am lucky, because I’ve lost just around 20 dollars. Their strategy to convince you to top up your account on large sum. First time I’ve transfered them 20 dollars, when they “mined” for me bitcoin for the same sum, I successfully withdrew it. But, I constantly got e-mails, Inviting to top up my account with sum up to several thouzand dollars. Now, when amount of “mined” bitcoin reached sum of 150 USD, I requested withdrawal and on the same time transfered them 10 USDT, to by more mining power. The result is predictable, I haven’t got any bitcoin and my account was deleted.

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