Review: Is Legit Or Just Scam? How Do you find Out Review: Is Legit Or Just Scam? How Do you find Out That Smart Hash firm Is The Best For You, Read This Review. If you invest in cloud mining, you will notice that mining is risky this days because of many miners out there. The number of bitcoin miner is high that you can’t determine which is good. Calculate hash difficulty or start mining bitcoin profitably with reliable sources. Review


The Smart Hash company is a cloud mining firm founded in 2018 by blockchain professionals that mine bitcoin. It’s a cryptocurrency stimulator and an online Smart Mining platform for generating income from crypto mining. This is a free Mining platform developed by crypto enthusiastic and it offer true innovation.

Their team come from blockchain industry and IT engineers. Therefore, they claim to have all it takes to serve you better, as said they have you covered. They equally claim to have the lowest price on electricity and purchasing costs in the Cryptocurrency mining industry especially in terms of electric energy. Smarthash has high-quality wind energy, hydro energy, and solar energy. Most of their team are from top internet companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Stanford.

More than half of our team is R&D department, they have rich technical strength. Yue Mining’s goal is to expand our business to the entire cryptocurrency industry chain in the future and serve global users through technological innovation。


Smart Hash Mining Plans

EXPERIENCED: This plan is for beginners and with minimum deposit of $12 / 365 Day. The Daily mining profit is 0.000032 BTC ( ≈ 0.64 $ )and Monthly mining is 0.00096 BTC ( ≈ 19.2 $ )

NEWBIE: Invest with just on a discount $360 / 365 Day. However Daily mining is 0.0015 BTC ( ≈ 30 $ )and Monthly mining is 0.045 BTC ( ≈ 900 $ )

BASIC: On this plan smarthash offer discounts with minimum deposit $770 / 365 Day. The Daily mining : 0.0045 BTC ( ≈ 90 $ ) and Monthly mining : 0.135 BTC ( ≈ 2700 $ )if you wish to start this plan is good.

ECONOMY: The economy plan is good with discount on $2580 / 365 Day, Daily mining : 0.016 BTC ( ≈ 320 $ )and Monthly mining : 0.48 BTC ( ≈ 9600 $ )

PROFESSIONAL: This plan cost $6580 / 365 Day on a discount. However Daily mining : 0.047 BTC ( ≈ 940 $ )and Monthly mining : 1.41 BTC ( ≈ 28200 $ )

ADVANCED: You Invest $13860 / 365 Day
$30800 / 365 Day, The Daily mining is 0.115 BTC ( ≈ 2300 $ ) and Monthly mining is 3.45 BTC ( ≈ 69000 $ ).

LUXURIOUS: In this plan, you invest $32800 / 365 Day on a discount but normally $82000 / 365 Day, tge Daily mining : 0.298 BTC ( ≈ 5960 $ )Monthly mining : 8.94 BTC ( ≈ 178800 $ )

TOP: This plan is good with a minimum deposit of $78000 / 365 Day on discount. But $260000 / 365 Day on a normal buying plan. However the daily mining is 0.78 BTC ( ≈ 15600 $ )and Monthly mining : 23.4 BTC ( ≈ 468000 $ )

Is Legit?

The truth is that is not legit. The reason is because they have multiple website and fake data. The information they are given us is not reliable. However checking the profit return, it’s still very confusing. The amount to make in a year is way higher than what I’m sure, they can’t pay. In fact, we won’t advise you to start mining bitcoin with smarthash.

They are just like smarthashes that promised us higher return. In investing with mining company, you should be able to identify their location and who is behind the platform. However in the case of smarth hash also called Smart mining, we will not recommend them. The platform this people are using to scam you is up to 20 in number.

Therefore you must be careful, because if you didn’t fall for this one because you read our review, how about email you will get with different domain. is not legit and not reliable, avoid them by all means. In mining you cant make $223 with just $12. However if you doubt me, try it, but don’t invest more than you can afford to lose. Read review before investing.

Support Service

We have learnt that they use different locations for address but mostly UK. Therefore the platform offer support service under smart mining. You can contact them on the contact page by feeling the form. If not, you can check this address 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, England, WC2H 9JQ(SMART MINING SERVICES LTD Company number 12878365).

Smarthash is very new and claim to be registered, well we will know this with time. For email support, you can contact Smart mining on [email protected] or Phone Number +44 1227 39 2999 Review Conclusion


Finally we will conclude our review by telling you to avoid them. is not legit, the platform is offer bogus claims with no proof. Smart mining is in many domain and it’s a website owned by one person or 3 people.

If you invest with them, one thing must happen, either they stop to exist or you get no withdrawal. However if you want to start making money with bitcoin investing, Start mining bitcoin profitably in a reliable firm. Read more about bitcoin mining and see why you should invest with them. See easy BTC mining review before investing.

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