f2hash.com Review: is F2Hash Legit Or Just Scam, why do we call f2hash fake?. Well, on a short period, they have shown their ability to steal. F2Hash didn’t wait too long to scam you, make sure to differentiate between f2hash and other legit mining sites.


F2hash alternative

They might look genuinely just like other good looking fake sites. However we want to use this opportunity to tell you that not just f2hash but there are many fake mining sites today. Your ability to understand the different strategies is the key. Start investing profitably.



F2Hash is a cloud mining platform that uses hardware that works with solar energy to generate bitcoins. They are eco-friendly and use mininimal resources to generate the most bitcoins.

F2 hash users purchase mining packages that are based on the hardware and start mining. F2hash is a platform that was registered in 2022-01-13 by fastdomain. However the server is protected by cloudflare with no identification yet.

The major service provided by f2hash is bitcoin mining and ethereum. Thus its not older than 5 months and the bad in their review is high. However checking the platform, it’s have a better interface with two payment methods. You can start with the amount as low as $50, on bitcoin deposit and payeer.

The investment package last for one year and cannot be terminated. The system is well built and allows you to reinvest. Making use of f2 hash looks attractive and profitable but that won’t go as seen.

F2 Hash Package

F2hash offer a competitive investment package. Therefore you can choose a package as it allows you to start investing fast.

1. Starter Plan: This is a good package for beginners. The mining tools you will use here is Nvidia Geforce RTX Stack. You get 3000GH/s and $0.72 Daily Profit and it’s a 1 Year Contract. The minimum investment is 50USD Investment per purchase.

2. Explorer: This plan is equally good for beginners. The mining machine available is Canaan AvalonMiner 1166. In this package, you get 7000GH/s and $2.8 Daily Profit. This is a 1 Year Contract and the minimum deposit here is 200USD.

3. Canaan: This account allows you to invest with AvalonMiner 1246 rig. However, with this plan, you get 21000GH/ and your daily income is $7.2. Contract last for 1 Year and minimum investment is 500USD.

4. Investor: This f2hash plan is under Antminer Pro S17 mining machine. However this hash power to purchase is 63000GH/s. The daily return is $14.4. While this contract last for 1 Year with 1000USD minimum Invstment.

Start mining 

5. Miner: This package is available in Antminer Pro S17 stack tools. However with this, you get 154000GH/s hash power. The daily profit is $28.8 and its 1 Year contract with 2000USD minimum Invstment.

6. Miner X: This plan offer Antminer Pro S19 Stack mining machine. However you get 450000GH/s power to use this tool.
It brings $72 daily return and the contract last for one year. The minimum investment on tbis package is 5000USD.

F2HASH package

Is F2Hash Legit?

F2Hash cloud mining firm is not legit because they have no transparency. The mining firm is new and promising a bogus profit without stress. Well, we visited the site and registered. We check the payment system and number of Hashes to purchase. Looking at all this, the f2hash is not legit, however we equally have fear because it lack owner. And as we have said earlier, most mining companies are fake. It’s very difficult to get a legit cloud mining firm, even those ones you think they are legit will not allow you to make profit. Therefore the major reasons why we say that f2hash is not legit is because many users are complaining.

Why Must You Avoid Scam?

Therefore, When we tried to make use of some third party pool. We got scammed by hashfine who promised us the best return on our investment. We made our first deposit with 100$ and we got paid. Moreover, investing more was the end of withdrawal. F2hash might pay you today but you must be careful about putting more money into their platform. If not, when you invest up to millions, your withdrawal might stop. However, many websites are like that, some might close. Read coinfly review toady. Start mining 

F2 Hash Support

F2hash offer customer support via livechat and phone and email. To get in contact with their agent, just visit the official website and start chat with live button. However this is not a guarantee thst your money is safe with them. Write to them on email via [email protected], there’s no phone yet, buy they said that you can reach them via phone. No location as well, and this make me feel more suspicious about their genuineness. Read our latest post on Ethtrx cloud mining.

F2hash  Review Conclusion

Finally we will conclude our f2hash review by telling you to avoid them. This platform is built with aim to scam you and nothing more. Don’t get twisted with their platform fake promises. Start investing with a reliable investment platform. Deposit is via bitcoin and its very fast to use and quick to profit. Start mining bitcoin with zero fee. All investments are welcome with bonus. However we have two options for you iqmining and bitcoin mining app . Start with any of them, and avoid scam. Read massmining review before falling victim. Equally read sharmining review and  stackeclub



  1. They are alright. I am using the miner x plan and have been getting my withdrawals on averagely 24 hours

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