Iq mining review | An important update on the mining site, learn about iqmining trading platform

IQ mining review

IQ mining review: IQMINING is a cryptocurrency mining firm that was established in 2016 by group of experts. The company was founded by blochchain gurus though headed by George Virsky as CEO.

IQmining site is no doubting best cloud mining firm with it’s data center in Russia, Canada, Iceland, Goegia, Algeria and China. Therefore looking at the company you can easily conclude that they might not fulfill their promises.

But bearing witness to the firm, they have served many miners. IQ mining has helped user with no single knowledge earn cryptocurrencies.

However the short cut to bitcoin mining should be IQ mining as they increase your profit without your efforts. Though recently the company included CFDs, cryptocurrency, forex and binary options trading in their platform, making it the strongest selling point of the firm.

Now including the trading platform and  transparent has added more trust score to the former ranking on instant withdrawal and customer support.

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Iq mining contract
The mining site offer the  most profitable and  reliable cloud mining contract. However in this contract, if user succesifully purchase a contract, he/she will receive daily profit with up to 4% depending on the exchange rate. Recently they started giving out 35% discount on all contract so if you like promo I will give you the iq mining promo CODE. Checking out their contract duration, it start from 1 year, 2 years, 5 years and lifetime.  So user can make out their lifetime income by just investing with IQ mining.

Account types

  • Bronze: with their bronze account, the minimum contract to purchase is 500GH/s. The SHA function algorithm is constant, therefore SHA=256. However the average price per 10 GH/s: 0.125 USD, while the mentainance fee is 0.001. If you purchase this  contract you will make at least $0.10 everyday till one year. 10 GH/s is no longer 0.192$ but reduced to 0.125$
  • Silver Account: this account type is the most popular account and recommended for fast result. The SHA price didn’t change but remains 126, more-so the mentainance fee is 0.001. The minimum contract purchase is 5000 GH/s equivalent to $63. However, 10 GH/s is no longer 0.182$ but reduced to 0.118$. Daily profit is from $0.36 to $45 and contract duration is 1year.
  • Gold Account: if you decide to choose gold account, its amazing with more package and promo. The minimum GH/a is 30000, 10 GH/s is no longer 0.171$ but 0.111$. The SHA=126 while the fee remains. 0.001, this account type is recommended instant withdrawal on daily basis.
  • Diamond Account: diamond account is the highest account size at IQ mining. The minimum contract is 4502252GH/s, if you purchase this contract,  you will have a dedicated account manager. Latest iPhone as a gift with 5% extra hashrate, there’s no maintenance fee and you enjoy your 35% discount. There are other features attached to this contract if you wish to opt into the investment.

IQ mining trading platform

IQ mining
We have been using this platform to trade forex ever since iqmining upgraded to trade CFDs, binary  options and forex. Therefore, we didn’t open account with them in order to complete this IQ mining review.
But we are going to give you our IQ mining review based on personal experience.  Recently I got a mail from IQ mining telling me about their expanding to include online trading in their platform.
I visited their official website and behold I saw a whole lot of change. This include trading on your own and copying other traders. However this platform as I checked is advanced.
Trading binary options covers 60 seconds to 30 minutes,  while the minimum trade is $10.  There’s a 24/7 customer service support and all the agents are friendly to customers. I tried this platform and I saw the power of technology.
It came with technical indicators and the chart type is of two, the candlesticks and Tick chart.  However the execution button is CALL/PUT. With IQ mining trading platform, you can trade cryptocurrencies, forex, CFDs and binary options.

Iq mining Contract pledging

IQ mining pledging
How to use you contract or profit and trade at IQ mining. If you want to try this platform and you wouldn’t like to deposit. No problem, just use the available profit you made from mining or pledge your contract.
To pledge your contract, login to iqmining dashboard,  click the top right menu. You will see a drop down showing trading platform, withdrawal, funding etc.
Clicks on the trading,  it will show another drop down including pledge contract. Click on the contract pledging and it will take you to the dashboard were you can pledge your contract free.  Select the contract you want to pledge,  and click pledge contract.
In that, it will process that back to your bitcoin or any currency you used to buy the contract. Then move back to your trading dashboard and start trading with your money.
However you should know that if you lose that while trading, you wont be able to withdraw until you redeem your pledged contract.  But if you make profit while trading, you can withdraw it or use it to buy more contract.

Is iq mining legit?

Obviously, an answer to your question is IQ mining legit is a resounding yes. The iq mining rig is located in 6 different countries that is  not bad to write about. Put further evidence, the company has operated since 2016, many people are still investing in iqmining. The fact is is that the mining firm has maintained its amazing reputation as well as  fast growth.
Therefore, if you want to start mining or trading, then IQ mining is a safe ground. Unlike other suspicious mining sites like nuvo. IQ mining understand what clients need and provide the best customer support for them.

Payment and withdrawal methods

Payment methods
Well I don’t know if I’m permitted to say that IQ mining provides the most secure and instant payment and withdrawal methods. But if you can take from me, this platform process withdrawal within 5 minutes.  However they provides the major payment methods which range from Mastercard/Visa, 10 cryptocurrencies including althcoin, kiwi, web money, skrill, neteller etc

Customer support

Iqmining provides a 24/7 customer support to their clients via livechat, phone calls see numbers United Kingdom: +44 1224 459763, Russia: +7 (499) 677-68-19 and email on [email protected]. if you are confused on how to start, there is guide on how to start. Visit the official website and start mining bitcoin.


Finally we will conclude our IQ mining review by giving you iq mining promo code as a gift. Looking to get extra hashrate or discount, use our our IQ mining promo code to start.
However the platform is good for beginners and advanced traders. If you don’t wan’t to continue with low income as a miner.  Get started with their trading platform and you will make your monthly profit in a day.
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