Sharemine Review: Is Sharemine Legit? Find Out In This Review Review: is sharemine Legit Or Scam? Can I withdraw from this mining site or not, keep cool and read this guide Just like we have said on smarthashes Review, if you are not careful you will lose your investment on fake mining sites. Therefore we urge you to always check hard before investing. Before you continue to share mine Review, see how you can mine bitcoin without electricity
Sharemine Review

Sharemine Review

ShareMine AI is an advanced crypto mining platform offers users the opportunity to mine for different kinds of tokens at a competitive cost, allowing for users to have maximum return-of-investments (ROI). Share mine AI has already launched 1000PiB+ eco-green power-saving super storage mining machine and cloud mining service for VIP clients around the world!

Share mine cloud mining pool was founded in 2020 with its  headquarter in Singapore.The company aims to be the biggest mining pool in world, working alongside with top reputable partners, suppliers, collaborators, such as Alibaba, Huawei, Seagate, and more. This platform is focused specifically towards mining of Chia tokens, and SWARM tokens. Well all we see is that share mine platform is new and still lack reputation. Therefore we can say that for now all promises from the mining site is shady. Starting from their artificial intelligence tools for crypto mining we cannot recommend it. The platform is not too long to be our bosom mining site. Though sharemine is truthful but we are not able to see the owner and who manage the platform. Start mining bitcoin profitably and be sure of withdrawal.

Sharemine Mining Package



Chia Mining Pay Per Use Package

In this account you mine with flexibility, however it start with US8 /TB per month. On this package, No Maintenance Fee Involve, Start mining in 24 hr after confirmation. There is a plotting fee and service Fee 25%. More-so there’s a minimum 10TB an you receive 10% off when you subscribe for 12 months.

Ultimate 3 in 1 Package Lite

Mine Chia, Swarm, and Filecoin at one cost! US8,000, there’s IDC fee of $60 per month. Start mining in 3 business days after confirmation. However the plotting fee is included with service Fee: 20% and on lease term of 3 years.

Ethereum Mining Rental

This account allow 8 Cards 1660s Graphics Server at the cost of US3,200 for /360 days. Maintenance Fee is 15% while the power is 1 kw/h x 1 units. Electricity Cost: 0.093 $/kwh and launch time is 3 business Days.

Share Mine Bitcoin Mining Rental

Antminer S17 This cost US1,650 for duration of /360 days with maintenance fee of 15%. Power possibly purchasing is 2.4 kw/h x 1 units. However electricity Cost 0.079 $/kwh and launch in 3 business days

Bitcoin Mining Rental

Whatsminer M21S cost US2500 for duration of /360 days and maintenance fee of 15%. The power it can purchase is 3.5 kw/h x 1 units. However with electricity of 0.079 $/kwh an launch time is 3 Business Days.

Home Mining Machine 64T

Choose from XCH, BZZ and PH at the cost of US6,999, it comes with SATA hard disks. Plotting included and you can connect to the Sharemine mining pool to mine more tokens. However the deliver on this is in 2 weeks.

Phala Mining Machine

US2,000 to get DELL Optiplex 3080 Mff I3 10-10100t 4gb 128gb Ss Wls W10. Installation included and you can connect to the Sharemine mining pool to mine more tokens. The delivery on this package is in 6 weeks.

Ultimate 2 in 1 Package

Mine Chia and MASS at one cost US8,000, the IDC fee is $60 per month. Start mining in 3 business days after confirmation. The plotting fee included and lease term is 3 years with service fee of 20%.

Ultimate 3 in 1 Package

Mine Chia, Swarm, Filecoin, ICP or Phala at one cost US80,000 with IDC fee of $600 per month. Your mining starts in 3 business days after confirmation. The plotting fee included and lease term is 3 years with service fee of 20%.

Bitcoin Mining Rental

Antminer S19 cost US5,700 and last for /720 days with the maintenance fee of 15%. However with this you can get power up to 3.5 kw/h x 1 units. Electricity cost 0.077 $/kw and it takes 3 Business Days to launch it.


Bitcoin Mining Rental

Innosilicon T2T cost US500 for /90 days, with maintenance fee of 15%. Power up to 3.5 kw/h x 1 units and electricity cost 0.065 $/kw and launch time is 3 Business Days.

Home Mining Machine 96T

Finally choose from XCH, BZZ and PHA​ at the cost of US9,999. It comes with SATA hard disks and plotting included. On this you can connect to the Sharemine mining pool to mine more tokens and it deliver in 2 weeks.

Is sharemine Legit Or Scam?

Today we want to know if sharemine is legit or scam, knowing fully well that you need the answer before opening account. The new mining platform seems to be legit and reliable and it’s pool is fine. However we noticed one thing strange about the mining site. The platform have no CEO, that’s to say, we cannot identify the owner. They are still new and have few ratings and reviews from users. Moreover when we checked, we noticed that the platform provide variety of mining packages which gives user good options. However, it doesn’t show that sharemine is legit. And this make us ask this question, are we recommending this mining site or not? For now we cannot tell you to open account with them. The reason is because it is very new and that does not gives us guarantee on your investment.

Sharemine Operational address

 808 French Road #04-157 Kitchener Complex Singapore 200808

Sharemine Review Customer service

Email: [email protected]

WhatsApp: +65 8144 8296

Average response time: within 3 business day. However, depending on the volume of requests, the response time may occasionally be longer.

For payment of bank transfer, please transfer to our account:

DBS: 0720277325


Sharemine Review Conclusion
Finally we will conclude sharemine Review by telling you to avoid the platform for now. Sharemine is legit but not yet verified. We have not said that they are scam, but for now the platform is very new and we must confirm before referring you. We know how painful it’s to lose money to scam and for that we take our time to give you investment advice. However we respect the fact that share mine has good website but you should not go in for now. If you want to make money mining bitcoin start today with More-so, you can trade binary options with raceoption. Another platform for forex and binary options is videforex, read review. Moreover you can check forex first Review centobot, daxbase

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