Extract-BTC.com Review: Is Extract-BTC Legit Or Scam? What’s the truth about the platform

Extract-BTC.com Review: Is Extract-BTC Legit Or Scam? What’s the truth about the platform in cloud mining. Firstly, we should be happy to see you read this review. That’s because nothing have changed about the way they introduce themselves when new. Today we are going to review this new mining platform that claim to be the best. Start investing¬† in bitcoin profitably now.¬†

Extract-BTC Review


Extract-BTC is a cloud mining firm that was recently founded by group of experts as claims. They assum to offer the best cloud mining service with high profit. I have made my best research in the process of Extract-BTC review. However from my findings, they are a lot to deal with. Mostly because they have old bad records or history. Thus Extract-BTC claim to provide the best cloud mining service and give rewards to miners on a daily basis.
Therefore diversifying the mining process and activities to make an easy investment.
More-so on the state-of-the-art mining software switches between different currencys to make always the highest profit. In mining process, there are many different coin activities with a particular mining machine. However Extract-BTC is yet to provide the proof of excellent mining result. To me, this platform is just making unnecessary noise as promise. Because checking the platform we have so many reasons why we don’t want to recommend them.
Firstly, this platform have sister we already called scam known to be hoyomining.net. If you have heard of hoyomining or invested in hoyomining, please give us your feedback. But for me the truth about them is that they are not legit based on our experience.

Extract-BTC Mining Plans


This platform offers many mining plans with low minimum deposit. In this, users can choose from the list of their package based on their choice.

SMALL: This plan comes with One Time Gift however the price is 0.0003 Btc. But now sold 0.00001 BTC. The daily mining is 0.00002 (0.6$) and monthly mining is 0.0006 (18.5$). And at the end of the contract, the Yearly mining is 0.0073 (224.7$). This contract duration last for 1 Year

MINI: This plan is good and the Price is 0.01 when they add discounts. The daily mining is 0.00067 (20.6$) and Monthly mining is 0.0201 (618.7$). Then after the contract, your Yearly mining is 0.24455 (7,527.8$). There’s a referral profit of up to 0.00200000 and Contract duration is 1 Year

BRONZE: This plan equally comes with discount, as the actual cost is 0.07 BTC but on discount, the price is 0.05 BTC. However the daily mining is 0.00367 (113.0$), the monthly mining is 0.1101 (3,389.1$). More-so the yearly mining is up to 1.33955 (41,234.5$). The referral profit is 0.01500000 however this Contract duration is 1 Year.

SILVER: There’s a One Time Gift on this plan with price 0.2 Btc but on discount the price is 0.1. Daily mining is 0.0073 (224.7$) and donthly mining is 0.219 (6,741.3$)
The yearly mining is 2.6645 BTC (82,019.6$) and Referral profit is 0.04000000. Please note that the contract duration is 1 Year and is not refundable.

Extract-BTC VIP Plans

GOLD: It comes with One Time Gift however the original Price is 0.5 Btc and to pay 0.2 BTC on discount. Daily mining is 0.0167 (514.1$) and Monthly mining is 0.501 (15,422.0$). More-so your Yearly mining is 6.0955 (187,633.9$) but you get Referral profit up to 0.08000000. The Contract duration is 1 Year with no special effort.

DIAMOND: This is the highest plan One and also have One Time Gift, the original price is 0.9 Btc. When you get the discount price, you pay 0.3 BTC. However the daily mining is 0.03 (923.5$) and monthly mining is 0.9 (27,704.1$). The Yearly mining is 10.95 (337,066.8$) and Referral profit is 0.09000000. The Contract duration is 1 Year. You have heard of MineWealth mining platform consider reading more about them.


Is Extract-BTC Legit Or Scam?

Extract-BTC is not legit because they have existed in another look before now. The platform is a copy of hoyomining and smarthashes. If you invest with them you will lose your investment.
The more reason why you should avoid Extract BTC is because they have no genuine mining operations.
The current investment platform is just collecting money from investors and paying those they feel to have good chance to pay more. I strongly believe that Extract-BTC.com is a scam and have nothing to offer.
However other ways to know is by looking at the mining rigs if any. You can equally check the ROI and location, the company have bogus claims falls pretends. The platform will come out to introduce another mining firm with new name if this Extract-BTC.com is comfirmed to be scam. Compare platform with CoinGPT.

Customer Support

Extract-BTC doesn’t have a better support system for users who needs immediate response. For the fact that they are rendering financial services, there is need for good customer support. However mining bitcoin with them is risky at this moment that you can’t call or chat them. You can only contact them via contact page or check the address provided.
Check Unit G1, Capital House 61 Amhurst Road, London, United Kingdom, E8 1LL. Submit a mail ticket to [email protected].


Payment methods

Extract-BTC offer only cryptocurrency payment methods to users. However in this crypto you can only pay via bitcoin but by checking we saw something like donate. If you want to donate, you can choose other crypto payments methods.

Extract-BTC Review Conclusion

Finally we will conclude our Extract-BTC review by telling you to avoid them. The Extract-BTC is not legit and reliable, the platform is new and have no good history. There’s no trust based on their history to convince us about return on our investment. However in the process of our Extract-BTC review we registered with the platform and it was clear that they have no plans. To sum it up, we advise that you start mining bitcoin with bitcoin-mining.app. Avoid Extract BTC for safety sake, if you face any challenges during your investment with any of our recommended platform, let us know.

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