YouHodler Review: Is YouHodler Legit Or Scam? Find Out

YouHodler Review: Is YouHodler Legit Or Scam? Find Out Today By Reading Our Review. We are giving you brief answers to if you Hodler is legit. However many people are curious about the company as it’s new. More-so other platform like the You Hodler have shown unregulated and non reliable. See our review on Extract-BTC mining and know if you can start.


YouHodler Review 2023

YouHodler is a multi-faced FinTech platform providing a variety of Web3 crypto and fiat services. YouHodler’s wallet caters to active HODLers, allowing them to use their digital assets beyond hodling and trading. YouHodler is an EU and Swiss-based brand with regulated institutions in Switzerland, Italy and other EU countries.

You Hodler supports major fiat currencies (USD, EUR, CHF, GBP) as well as all major crypto currencies and tokens (BTC, ETH, LTC, XLM, XRP, BNB, USDT, USDC, TUSD, PAXG, DAI, etc). The platform is well built with easy to use interface.
YouHodler offer crypto-fiat wallets with integrated exchange, trading, lending and crypto-rewards services.

However, The platform looks safe with Ledger Vault’s advanced custody and Fireblocks security options. They claim that non-custodial Web 3 wallet will be integrated to the YouHodler App early 2023.
You Hodler equally offer mining services with intuitive tools. However in the process of our YouHodler review, we interacted with the platform and it looked safe to use. But maybe before the end of this article, we will decide if we are to use the platform.

This company placed ads with LinkedIn domain on mining. You might see something like
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That’s the title and if you are still thinking of whether how to start. If you still ask if YouHodler is legit, see below finding. Read Capitalex review.

What Can you do with YouHodler?

You Hodler is a smart platform for cryptocurrency exchange, mining crypto wallets, loyalty programs, HODL. With our view on the platform so far, it’s genuine and trustworthy. You can trade mining and invest safely with them.

Is YouHodler Legit?

The You Hodler have an average trust and can be legit. has been in the business since 2018. Therefore, you can hold trust in them at least with the age. However we won’t Conclude with just that, but checking when they start to use the website for such service. I have seen other scam bitcoin trading platform  like quidax that claim to be old enough. However turns out today to be scam because they have gotten trust.


You Hodler offer a good platform for trading and web3 wallet. In the process of our YouHodler review, we noticed that they sre good for beginners and advanced traders. To start with the platform, it’s easy head to see


Finally we will conclude our YouHodler review by telling you to start trading with the broker. They are legit based on our findings. However if you feel it’s not safe, you can help us with more information. Compare platform with others and or trade binary options with our recommended broker. Investing in forex now

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