Quidax Review: Is Quidax Legit Or Scam? Find Out Today By Reading Our Guide

Quidax Review: is quidax legit or scam bitcoin trading (buy and sell site)?. Will QDX token (QDX) grow fast for buyer to profit? Well we have urgent call to all investors out there.

Quidax Review


Quidax also called (QDX) is an African cryptocurrency exchange platform that was founded by buchi okoro in the year 2018. It gives traders option to trade, deposit and withdraw in naira via p2p or direct to your bank. Broadly, quidax is a simple platform for you to send, receive, store, buy and sell digital currencies. However, the major aim is to make cryptocurrency exchange accessible to African traders.

The buy and sell site is best crypto platform with intuitive interface. More-so it offers easy to use platform with low fees and commission. However initially when i heard of QDX in 2020, i was scared to operate on the platform. But after my first transaction, i was very happy. I quickly moved all my cryptocurrencies from bittrex to quidax in 2021 with extra confidence.

The exchange performance is very simple and fast. Therefore one would call it a wast of time to spend a minute in any transaction. Most importantly, QDX token is out, and is on the market list. QDX investors are now the happiest customer. See the best bitcoin mining sites.

QDX Token

QDX token was officially launched on 19/5/2021 and was sold out within 48hours. However this token was as strength to the company. It can serve as a fees on the platform. More-so you can now trade QDX with other cryptocurrencies. Therefore getting to dig deeper into the token, we followed it up. In the process of quidax review and providing the QDX token details, we noticed changes. QDX TOKEN can be bought with BNB coin. A binance coin that was launched in 2018 and is now sold up to $500 per coin. However we have it that QDX is equally sponsored by binance. Since you can only buy the QDX token with BNB, the token is expected to grow fast.


Quidax review

Quidax platform is one of the best cryptocurrency trading platform. It’s one of the trused cryptocurrency wallet with high security. In terms of how this platform works, it’s a buy and sell site for crypto. Though you can store other currencies in your QDX account. But the most important part is how good is quidax platform. The QDX platform have intuitive interface; easy to navigate interface, fast and flexible and low cost. Therefore we assume to have seen what we are looking for. As the trust score is high, the platform is secure to invest.

How Does Quidax Help Africa

Quidax is the first African cryptocurrency exchange company. It serves African with their local language and local currency. However it’s more educational and very beginner friendly. At least people who are not familiar with cryptocurrency trading can learn from QDX. For example, if you are in Nigeria, you can deposit and withdraw in naira. More-so, the p2p help traders to connect and exchange with each other.

Is quidax legit?

Is quidax legit or just scam trading site? In 2018, after the launch of quidax platform. We thought it was not reliable, however we did register with them years after. The founder and CEO happens to be a very intelligent person. He knows much about crypto and help not just the members of QDX but the public to explain and predict the market. QDX have served many traders in the world. Therefore quidax is legit and reliable to trade with. The platform however is good for beginners and advanced traders. The wallet is easy to create and manage.

Customer Support

Quidax offer 24/7 customer support with instant reply to any questions. You can contact their support agents via email, phone and livechat at quidax platform. However you can use their contact form to get support instant. Moreover, join the telegram group or Facebook page to get more support. Please note that there are scammers everywhere, and you only join this page. They currently have just 3 Official groups on Telegram;
✅ QDX Official group: https://t.me/QDXToken

✅ https://t.me/QuidaxGlobalAnnouncements

Twitter: https://twitter.com/QuidaxGlobal

Facebook: https://facebook.com/QuidaxGlobal

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/quidaxglobal/

Is Quidax Regulated?

Quidax is not regulated by any regulatory agencies or licensed. Moreover QDX is a cryptocurrency platform that allows investors to buy and sell. More-so they can store their bitcoin in their wallet. However the broker is new as 2018 mark the founding date; Though just like binance it have little or no regulatory compliance. The platform is a platform based on experience and reliability. However if you are using QDX, you have less worry about your investment. Quidax is legit and safe to store bitcoin. Trade binary options with binarycent and get bonus up to 100%.

Quidax Charges And Fees.

Quidax review

The is cheap to use and have less stress than others. However this time your fee will be on your QDX balance. There’s a fee to withdraw to your local bank account and fees to transfer to other crypto wallet. In the process of our QDX review we noticed that on naira local banks is constant fee. While on bitcoin, it changes the fee. For withdrawal from quidax to local naira banks is #100. Unlike luno that charges #200, two hundred naira. Therefore checking fees for crypto like bitcoin, it varies. But the last charge applied to my transaction is 1% to 1.5 percent.

Quidax VS Luno

QDX is by 100% better than luno, quidax is faster in withdrawal, faster in deposit. Luno fee is very high and has no pity in buying and selling. Bitcoin trading with QDX is more easy and cheaper. For example, quidax charges #100 on local banks withdrawal. Luno charges #200 on local bank withdrawal. To buy and sell at luno equally charges #200 while quidax is lesser. Open account with luno, use invitation code 88C9T9.

Quidax Review Conclusion

Finally we will conclude our quidax review by telling you to start trading with them. QDX platform is legit and reliable, it’s available on low cost and for beginners. Experience intuitive interface in trading with QDX both on app and browser. I wish to advise you to buy the QDX token which is available on the pay QDX/USDT. If you are able to get QDX now it will be cheaper for you. However there are other platform you can use if not this platform. Try luno or bittrex.com or binance. In fact compare cryptocurrency  brokerage brokerage firms yourself.

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  1. Hello Quidax team. Just to find out of Quidax is available in Southern Africa..eg, South Ai, Botswana, , Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe,..etc.

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