Review | Is the forex hub accelerator legit and reliable? See traders opinion before investing

James watts

Theforexhub Review: James watts Review: Is James watts and his the forex hub accelerator legit? How does his trading course work, re theforexhub review before signing up for the class

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The forex hub accelerator Reviews: this is a forex signal provider and trading academy founded in 2019. The provider of this signal is James watts with his colleagues that promise success in forex.  Therefore looking at the forefront of this signal and its provider, its questionable. Few weeks ago a client asked us about the forex signals and if its advisable to use.  We need to use our time and expose this provider.

However we tried getting information about James watts which led us to tracking his promise and effort. We checked the Facebook and Instagram, he is this type that post mostly expensive cars. Just like Nigerian scam James always travel to Dubai for fun he buy Lazarus goods and claim he made all the money from forex. Now we were able to doubt all this when we joined his webinar for clear information.

The signal and it’s provider is not reliable talk more of being regulated. They are only happy in you subscribing to their service and making use of their brokers. Theforexhub is just here to collect money from traders with empty promises.  Therefore checking all they have said, we couldn’t meet any profitable use of the signal. Theforexhub is a less reliable and profitable signal and might be harmful for your investment. Learn more about forexsignals 

Forex signals review

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Who is James watts?

James watts is the owner of theforexhub and forex signal provider and a trading expert. He was born and raised in  Southampton in Hampshire, United Kingdom where, according him suffered before he started making money. James watts always tell his story as a school dropout and a hardworking young man. He worked with a company were he was poorly paid before he started his forex career. James was introduced into forex trading by a friend who he later became more popular than.  He started sharing his strategy to friends on Facebook according to him. However that made him popular, as those that copied his strategy were able to see changes in their trading life. According James watts, he is making millions of dollars in forex trading. But all I’m sure about, is that if what he is teaching us is what he is using then he is a scam because if you apply his teaching you will fail.

How Does Theforexhub work?

Theforexhub review
In the process of Theforexhub  Review, we noticed  that the it work as forex trading academy or course and more a signal provider. The company managed by James watts recently incorporated a lady known as Jessica Wilson which now is the executive assistant to James Watts at Therefore if you sign up for their course, they promise you a 20 life changing course. You will equally have access to their trading group with over 1000 UK traders. However theforexhub offers money back guarantee which is accessible within the fourteen days of opting/payment. Therefore, if you are not comfortable with his cours, you can request a refund.  But you should bear in mind that if you have passed the 10% of this cours, there is no refund.  Now the question comes, how do we know that we have passed the 10% of this this life changing course?. The simple truth is that if you want to know that this course is meaningless, then you have to wait to finish 10%. If you wish to start, you can sign  up and get full coverage of over 40+ in depth lessons to complete.

Is The Forex Hub Legit?

The forex hub
The forex hub accelerator is not legit, it’s not working and shouldn’t be trusted. The owner of this trading accelerator is James watts and we have accessed him. However if you want to start learning how how to trade forex, you should go for They are number one forex trading guide to use in UK with up to a million forum users. Why we do not recommend the forex hub is because it’s not teaching any thing reasonable. The trading guide might be frustrating and cannot be trusted. Ever since we follow him, we cant hold any working strategy. Thus it shows he is not a teacher for serious students.

Theforexhub review Conclusion.

Finally we will conclude theforexhub review a forex trading accelerator by telling you not to sign with the class. However if you wish to see the number of cars James watts has, then you can visit the official website But you shouldn’t forget that theforexhub and the owner will not help you. It is only by constant learning from experienced traders like and managing your investment. Therefore I suggest you start with a tested and trusted solution to to forex trading, a we performing accelerator. There are other avilable options better than the forex hub accelerator. Just like I have said it doesn’t teach anything reasonable and provides less signals.  Not just the forex hub, but there are other scammers out there as a signal provider.
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