1Bitup.com Review: Is 1Bitup.com Legit Or Scam? You must read this review

1Bitup.com Review: Is 1Bitup.com Legit Or Scam? You must read this review before buying their hosting. When it comes to cloud mining, you must consider some facts. These are mining equipment, conducive environment, power availability and more. If you are not going to cater for all this, you must mine with already made mining firm. It allows you to use the little you have and participate in 1bitup mining activities. Start mining bitcoin profitably now 

1bitup.com Review 2024


1BIT UP is a digital assets cloud mining service that offers an easy and safe way to purchase hashpower without having to deal with hardware and software setup. They claim to provide hashrate services and a variety of mining related solutions to small and large scale customers

1bit up firm claim to be founded in 2017 by group of experts. They claim to offer the best idea and provide good mining experience. However in the process of our this review, we visited the platform and offer to buy a mining tools. At this point we took our time understand how the system works and the cost. On that we can say that 1bitup is an industry leader in mining crypto. 1Bitup miner is not far as 1BitUp – Trading Way FZCO, DSO-FZCO-21102, DSO-IFZA, Dubai Digital Park – Building A1, Dubai Silicon Oasis

1Bit up miner is an ultimate site for maximizing your Bitcoin mining profits. Offering user-friendly tools and high-efficiency rates, however they make BTC mining accessible and profitable for everyon. Thus idmf you want to host your mining business, you can start with 1bitup. The address above takes you to their office and we assume you will meet them one day.

Is 1bitup.com Legit?

Well, you must have heard of 1bitup miner, but is it a good store for mining tools. These are questions we assume will make you read 1bitup.com review. But today’s article help not just you but other people out there to determine which is considered to be strong reason why you should start using the platform.

Firstly, 1bitup.com is not legit and reliable because it have a bogus claims. The original registrar is GoDaddy and first registered on 2021-02-04. Since there’s mismatch in what we are seeing here, we need to realy check if 1bitup.com is legit.

Upon that, we can see other reviews from user, this will not give us courage to start mining bitcoin with they. Therefore my best advice is that even if you insist that you will mine bitcoin with 1bitup mining platform, you should invest what you can afford to lose. You can compare platform with muskminers.

Hashpower Pricing

1bitup.com review

1bit up provides miners with good verities of hashpower to buy from. However from what we can see, it’s only one plan that is available for user at the moment which is custom. Other plans are sold out.

CUSTOM 1 month plan: This plan can be stretched depending on the amount you want to buy. However the only difference between this plan and other plans are profit sharing and contract duration.

The 1 month plan price is $77.39 / 25 TH/s, therefore it cost that amount to buy Hashpower, up to TH/s 25. You will get 3% discount on volume.

Ccontracts include all costs and fees. No additional Fees for this mining. This plan is recommend plan for NEW USERS – from 25 TH/s; ADVANCED USERS – over 100 TH/s. Note that the final price is the price at the time of payment, the rest is for information.
Other plans are 2 months, 6 months and 1 year but all has been sold out.

Customer Support

The mining firm provides user with many contact support channels excluding livechat and phone. Firstly, you can visit their office at 1BitUp – Trading Way FZCO, DSO-FZCO-21102, DSO-IFZA, Dubai Digital Park – Building A1, Dubai Silicon Oasis. However if you are not close to the location you can reach out to them via email and contact form. The office E-mail is [email protected]. Moreover you can connect via social media links as shown on their system. Please note that this information is not a guarantee for safe mining experience. You must do further research if you want to start mining bitcoin with 1bitup miner. Compare platform with BITMAIN Antminer ks3

1BitUp.com Review Conclusion


Finally we will conclude our 1bitup.com review by telling you to avoid platform. 1bitup mining is not legit because of several reviews from users and our findings.1bitup is a self driving mining pool, which provides bitcoin miners tools to both individuals and businesses. As claims, the platform have been in the business for many years and still ruling the game.

However analysing the platform, we can say the are not being honest with their year of start. Thus they are not new in the business but have spent at least 3 years. Well, all we can say is we hope that they bring better experience to miners and try to fix any errors that would make user give them bad reviews. For now you can start mining with a reliable platform.

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