BTCM.Group Review: Is BTCM Legit Or Scam? BTCM is also bit mining

BTCM.Group Review: Is BTCM Legit Or Scam? BTCM is also bit mining. However, i can say that currently we have thousands of investors who regards btcm as a scam. What it means is that they are not legit and not reliable enough to invest with. Therefore in this review we will take our time to scrutinize the platform and find out if bit mining is legit. Read carefully while you check if is a good mining platform that you can invest with. Please note that this review is based on user responses. If you are using btcm stock, let us know on the comments section.

BTCM.Group Review


BTCM is a cloud mining firm that allows users to mine bitcoin without buying electricity. However in the process of our BTCM.Group review, we visited the platform, they offer a fair price with quick return. is a domain you will be redirected to after registration.

The platform claim to be one of the best mining platform and offer a free investment opportunity
They went far to provide and answer all the questions you might be asking before investing.
BIT Mining (NYSE: BTCM) is a leading technology-driven cryptocurrency mining company with operations in cryptocurrency mining, data center operation and mining machine manufacturing.

The Company is strategically creating long-term value across the industry with its cryptocurrency ecosystem. Anchored by its cost-efficient data centers that strengthen its profitability with steady cash flow.

However the Company also conducts self-mining operations that enhance its marketplace resilience by leveraging self-developed and purchased mining machines to seamlessly adapt to dynamic cryptocurrency pricing. The Company also owns 7 nm BTC chips and holds strong capabilities in LTC/DOGE miner and ETC miner development.

Is Legit?

BTCM is not legit, this is because they claim to offer a mining solution but don’t respond to customer. If you are looking for the best platform to invest, you should go for btc miner that is reliable. In whichever way, i will be glad to tell you that is not legit. However we can see they claim to be, a self developed btc miner and can offer clients the opportunity to tap into blockchain ecosystem.

Looking at the service BTCM offer, which is Mining machine hosting service. 18000+ miners, 3000+ PH/s BTC Hash Rate and 55MW in total. The Mining machine repaire & maintenance, finally Professional power management team.
We will assume they have a lot to offer, but if you invest, you continue to pay fee for withdrawal until you are tired.

Customer Support offer a good customer support which comes via email, phone and contact form. However you can visit their headquarter as specified on the website. The available information to contact the support service are Address which you can visit 428 South Seiberling Street Akron, Ohio, 44306 United States of America.
Phone, The Piacente Group, Inc. +86-10-6508-0677, (USA)The Piacente Group, Inc. +1(212) 481 2050.
Email, BIT Mining Limited [email protected], more-so, The Piacente Group, Inc. [email protected]
(USA)The Piacente Group, Inc. [email protected]
If you didn’t get response from their support within 24 to 48 hours, then you need know that your request is not available. Btcm stock support is a bit faster.

BTCM Stock Advantage. review

Hosting Service: offer hosting services with a Professional management and 54.86MW in their self-founded Data Center in Ohio, US. Therefore over 3,155PH/s Hash rate of BTC (updated by 2023-12-29)

Self Mining: The group Continue to increase computing power. These are ESG-vision oriented Stable power connection and Data Centers. However it’s offers Self developed 7nm BTC miner, LTC/DOGE miner and ETC miner.
Professional management team on power
Self-founded and hosting which is up to 82.5MW in Ohio, US. There is a third-Party Hosting up to 13MW in Texas, US.

Mining machine: BTCM.Group promise to offer 3 Types of Miner Machine, LTC/DOGE, ETC and Cutting-Edge BTC Miners. They said it will be coming soon with Multiple supplier resources. R&D in manufacturing


As said, btcm is a leading technology-driven cryptocurrency mining company. Therefore with operations in cryptocurrency mining, data center operation and mining machine manufacturing.
Do you agree with this ideas? Well, we will conclude our review by telling you to avoid the platform. The platform is not legit and can not help you to make profits. They offer an idea they can’t bring to existence. Btcm is founded in 2021-03-08 by three individuals as follows Xianfeng Yang, the Chief Executive Officer. Bo Yu the Chief Operating Officer, and Qiang Yuan the Chief Financial Officer.
To justify if this individuals are real we need to visit the Office. However if have visited the platform location, please drop a comment. Start mining now

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