Do you believe that SmartMining is legit and free Mining platform developed by crypto enthusiastic. Well, Smart Mining team come from in blockchain industry and IT engineers. They claim to have the best knowledge of what they are doing and offer the lowest price on electricity. The platform equally reduces your purchasing costs in the Cryptocurrency mining industry, especially in terms of electric energy. Smart Mining has high-quality wind energy, hydro energy, and solar energy. However Most of Smart Mining’s team are from top internet companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Stanford. Since the establishment of the platform in 2018, it’s specialized mining team has been dedicated to making free Mining to people worldwide in the last 5 years. Review

Smart mining

Therefore Smartmining technology is revolutionizing the mining industry by leveraging innovative advancements in automation, artificial intelligence, and data analytics. With the goal of enhancing operational efficiency, worker safety, and environmental sustainability, Smartmining systems are being deployed in various mining operations worldwide. This article provides an in-depth review of Smartmining, exploring its benefits, applications, key features, challenges, and future trends. Through case studies and analysis, we will investigate successful implementations of Smartmining and examine the potential it holds for shaping the future of mining.

Mining Plans

To start mining with them, you need  to Choose one of the below miners. Click on “Buy Now” button and pay the miner price. However your miner is launched and adds bitcoin to your balance every second (until 1 year). Your bitcoin increase every minute and you can withdraw it or buy a new bigger miner this contract


EXPERIENCED: This is the testing plan though we don’t know why they call it experienced. However the minimum deposit is $12 / 365 Day and contract last for 365 Day. The daily mining is 0.000032 BTC ( ≈ 0.64 $ ) and Monthly mining is 0.00096 BTC ( ≈ 19.2 $).

NEWBIE: The contract price is $360 / 365 Day with 20% discount. However the Contract duration is 365 days.
Daily mining is 0.0018 BTC ( ≈ 36 $ ) and monthly mining is 0.054 BTC ( ≈ 1080 $ ).

BASIC: offer $770 / 365 Day as discount to $1100 / 365 Day.
The daily mining is 0.0059 BTC( ≈ 118 $ ) and monthly mining is 0.177 BTC ( ≈ 3540 $ ).

ECONOMY: This plan cost $2580 / 365 Day
$4300 / 365 Day. However it comes with daily mining of 0.0215 BTC( ≈ 430 $ )and monthly mining is 0.645 BTC ( ≈ 12900 $ ). You get 40% discount on your daily mining.

Other Plans

Smartmining package

PROFESSIONAL: It’s best for advanced investors with price $6580. However the contract duration is 365 days with daily mining of 0.0658 BTC ( ≈ 1316 $ ). The monthly mining is 1.974 BTC ( ≈ 39480 $ ) and discount of 50%.

ADVANCED: This smart mining contract cost $13860. However the contract duration is 4days and daily mining is 0.165 BTC ( ≈ 6930 $ ). More-so, the Total mining will be 0.66 BTC ( ≈ 27720 $ ) and it comes with 60% off.

LUXURIOUS: This plan is for professionals $32800 and the Contract price is $ 32000.
Contract duration is 3 days with daily mining. Daily mining is 0.547 BTC ( ≈ 22960 $ ) and total mining is 1.641 BTC ( ≈ 68880 $ ). You get 3/1(33.3%) off the purchase.

TOP: This is the highest plan and cost $78000. The contract duration is 2 days and daily mining is 2.043 BTC( ≈ 85800 $ ) Total mining is 4.086 BTC( ≈ 171600 $ ) it comes with 60% bonus.

Is Legit?

Smartmining is not legit and reliable, it’s a new version of You should know that Smartmining didn’t just appear out of thin air. But have been in the business for years, however they keep changing names to prevent you from understanding that they are not legit. Well they will claim that their mining has been a gradual evolution driven from individuals who have advancements in technology for efficient mining. But remember that over the years, mining companies have embraced automation, remote control systems, and data-driven decision-making. This gives them opportunity to scam investors based on this idear. First of all, before mining you must check this address 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, England, WC2H 9JQ before investing. Smart mining club is not  legit as we have all the fact to prove our
Smartmining is not legit just like, we have no single trust on the platform. More-so We advise you don’t invest with as they will eventually creat another website. The domain was registered on 2023-09-15 by but they claim to have been in the process since 2018

Customer Support

Smart mining offer customer support service via email, phone and contact form. However you can equally visit their address and to do this, here is the adress provided. Visit 71-75 Shelton Street, London, Greater London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ
For mail, you can contact this address [email protected]. More-so the Phone Number is +44 1227 39 2999 for fast response. Therefore You should know that providing all these information doesn’t guarantee your investment. Please be careful not to fall a victim of any kind. This platform claim to be regulated.  Review Conclusion

Smartmining alternative

Finally we will conclude our review by telling you not to invest with them. The platform is not legit and reliable, it offers investment with bonus. User’s fund is entering into their account and investment might not happen at all. This review found that is an investment platform with no data center with regardsto mining. All mining activities are on the website, not sure if their app is safe. However we didn’t download the app because it’s not on Google play store or apple Playstore. This shows that it’s not completely safe to download as Google have removed all fake mining apps.

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