Review: Is BigMining Legit Or Scam, Should I invest or avoid this platform Review: Is BigMining Legit Or Scam, Should I invest or avoid this platform? Starting from the day i saw this platform on Google, i realized that they are not legit, the Google ads domain is However the user domain is which makes us to ask more questions. It takes a good research to get a perfect mining platform however bigmining is not the perfect platform. Review


Big Mining Is A Cloud Mining Platform that allows investors to tap into their enhanced software and make profits without stress. Therefore users can start mining with without having their own mining machines.
It’s regarded as feature Investment on crypto cloud computing. The platform of such mining offers the process of creating new cryptocurrencies that are added to the blockchain. This process implies use of powerful hardware such as ASICs that is used for complex calculations which then generate bitcoins as a reward.
These machines are quite expensive and require technical knowledge and space. However big mining handle the technical part, as a cloud mining platform that provides miners with state of the art hardware powered by over 1.2 MegaWatts of solar power. Currently they have a total of 27,000 Bitcoin mining devices producing 3.78 EH/s. Therefore you can mine conviniently and profitably anywhere with just your device. Tap into our best cloud mining recommended platform.

Mining Plans

Now we have comfirmed that is same with Your selected mining contract Is activated automatically once your payment Is confirmed.
Mining income is released once a day. You can withdraw the output at any time (without waiting for the end of the contract) There is no limit to the number of withdrawals

You can have the fastest bitcoin miner in 5 minutes:
For example if you activate ECONOMY miner with 770 USD, after 30 days you can withdraw 0.00324 X 30 = 0.0972 BTC
1- Choose one of the below miners
2- Click on “Buy Now” button and pay the miner price
3- Your miner is launched and adds bitcoin to your balance every second (until 1 year)
4- Your bitcoin increase every minute and you can withdraw it or buy a new bigger miner. Start mining

USDT. The profit of USDT Plans comes from intelligent quantitative trading strategies. Daily earnings may fluctuate based on Binance trading depth. The contract period is only one day, so you can withdraw all your funds the next day. There will be no automatic re-investment after the contract expires. If you need to re-invest, you need to manually purchase the plan.

BTC Plans

Free BTC For 1 Days: Contract price is $0 and contract duration is 1 Day. Hardware is Antminer S19 and daily mining is 0.000002 BTC ≈ 0.1 USD.

NEWBIE: This bigmining contract price is $15 and contract duration is 1 days. This Hardware is Antminer S19 however daily mining is 0.00079 BTC ≈ $ 22.

BEGINNER: Contract price is $215 and contract duration is 1 days. The Hardware is Antminer S19 with daily mining of 0.0066 BTC ≈ $ 234. Limit one purchase

ADVANCED 3-Day Plan: Contract price is $2999, however the contract duration 3days. Hardware is Antminer S19 with daily mining of 0.058 BTC ( ≈ $ 1740). The total earnings is 0.174 BTC ≈ $ 5220.

USDT Plans

BASIC: This bigmining contract price is $360 however the contract duration is
365 days. The Hardware is Antminer S19 and daily mining is 0.00117BTC ( ≈ $ 32.5 ) and monthly mining is 0.0351 BTC ( ≈ $ 1053 )

ECONOMY: Contract price is $770 and the contract duration is 365 days. This plan uses Hardware of Antminer S19 however daily mining is 0.00324 BTC ( ≈ $ 97.2 ) anf monthly mining is 0.0972 BTC ( ≈ $ 2916 ).

STANDART: Contract Price is $2350 and contract duration is 365 days. It offers Hardware up to Antminer S19 daily mining is 0.0135 BTC ( ≈ $ 405 ) and monthly mining is 0.405 BTC ( ≈ $ 12150 ).

SENIOR: Contract price is $6580 and the contract duration 365 days. Hardware is Antminer S19 with daily mining of 0.0594 BTC ( ≈ $ 1782 ). The monthly mining is 1.782 BTC ( ≈ $ 53460 ).

ADVANCED: Contract price is $13860 and contract duration is 365 Day. On this plan, Hardware is Antminer S19 with daily mining up to 0.126 BTC ( ≈ $ 3780 ), the monthly mining is 3.78 BTC ( ≈ $ 113400 )

LUXURIOUS: This is the highest bigmining plan with contract price $32000. However the contract duration is 365 days and Hardware is Antminer S19. The daily mining is 0.351 BTC ( ≈ $ 10530 ) and monthly mining is 10.53 BTC ( ≈ $ 315900 )

Is Legit Or Scam? is not legit, the platform have so many websites for bitcoin and usdt mining. The most annoying part is that they use dynamic domain for ads and user login. However in the process of our review, we found that is same with in fact, there’s no different in the user dashboard and experience. The platform offered currently is not legit but just there to scam you. We highly recommend that you avoid them and go for a reliable mining firm. Moreover we have compared the best investment opportunities for beginners and we recommend expertinvestpro for agriculture, cryptocurrency pensions and more. It gives you opportunitie to gain more by investing little. review Review Conclusion

Finally we will conclude our review by telling you to avoid them. is not legit, however the platform is built with no effort to increase your profit. If you invest with them, you might lose your investment. We advise that you must not invest in the platform, is just like hoyomining platform, they offer get rich quick investment platform. On the other platform that they have used to scam investors, you will see no difference other than the website template. Therefore We have compared the best forex investment platform, we recommend  expertinvestpro and we recommend that you start mining with

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