Minersy Review: Is Minersy Legit Or Scam? How Does it work.

Minersy Review: Is Minersy Legit Or Scam? How Does it work. The crypto mining industry is filled with many mining firms. Some of them are legit and some are just there to scam you. Though with our analysis, there’s a 70% scam mining company in the world today. Even when we try to find out the best mining platform, we get disappointed. To avoid giving your money to fake cloud mining platforms like sunmining.energy, always read our review.

Minersy Review


Minersy is a cloud mining platform that allows you to mine crypto with their hardware. Infect it’s more of online cloud mining and investment. Therefore you mine bitcoin with a click of button free or paid. You can download this software on Google play or apple Playstore. Thus you invest and your mining starts automatically. Minersy mining was founded in 2022-09-16 by a group cloud mining experts. They assume to be the best and most importantly offer high returns. But in all these, how do we comfirm that this mining firm is legit.

Well, they said their Cloud Mining is done with equipment from “Minersy.com” site and does not take advantage of the power of the user’s devices. Mining with them does not require any CPU, battery, graphics card or other hardware or hardware of any other user device. Users can ONLY manage and view cloud mining transactions from Minersy app. Mining is carried out with equipment owned by Minersy. So should I invest? Keep reading minersy review. Or see the benefit of cloud mining and if you wish to start go here and explore best in bitcoin mining. 

Is Minersy Legit?

As you can see, minersy is a new cloud mining firm. The platform is yet to prove it’s legitimacy. Therefore checking it all, you can see they are last month website protected by cloudflare. If they have this number of users they claim to have, when and how did they get it in a month. Minersy is not legit, for the fact that they are not sincere about their offer, history and more we can’t trust them.

However in the process of minersy review, we registered with them. And we try to use the platform and we notice that they are just scam pushing to look legit. The website is not well built and cannot serve you better than good cloud mining firm. More-so, if we try to look at the support, it’s just there. No serious support service and reply is not soon. Hey my good friend, do you want to try the platform? I have to tell you one thing here. It’s at your own risk, non of your investment with minersy is legit safe yet

Plans Available


Minersy offers many different mining plans for you to start as low as 0$ mining plan.
But let us see all available plans and know how best we can go about it.

A simple start for everyone: This plan cost $ 0 with up to 10 Mh/s processing power. However the mining is complete in 30 minutes and you can see Analytics Module.

Sart Plan: This plan is for new investors and it have a minimum deposit of $49. More-so it comes with 50 Mh/s processing power. Mining is complete in 30 minutes with Analytics Module

Intermediate: For expert investors and with minimum deposit of $ 99 /Suggested. You will get 100 Mh/s processing power
Mining is complete in 1 hours with Analytics Module

Professional: Solution for big portfolios, it has a minimum deposit of $ 179 and 200 Mh/s processing power. The Mining is complete in 3 hours and Analytics Module.

YouTubers: This plan is Only for Youtubers and with a minimum deposit of $ 200. However you get 100 Mh/s processing power and mining is complete in 1 hours
Only for Youtubers. Just send your video to [email protected]. The package is identified automatically.

Customer Support

Did register with minersy and you want to have a conversation with him? Only if you want to start mining you can get quick reply. Now in the process of our minersy review, we noticed that they offer support via contact form and email. However the email is for enquiry over package and new investment. The trust score based on support service is very low, therefore we cannot advise you to start mining bitcoin with them. However if you must start with safe and reliable mining firm, go for bitcoin mining. They are legit and reliable to invest with, you get all ll mining results daily.



Finally we will conclude our minersy review by telling you not to invest with them. Minersy mining firm is not legit and reliable, they are still new and if we encourage you to start mining with them it will fall in the same category with other mining sites we have accommodated because we want to try them. Remember trying is investing and investing is losing, if you do that with scam. Therefore i encourage you to abstain from mining sites like kikomining and hitoomining. Try a good mining sites and feel safe. For more review check if Zeus-Mining is legit and equally see easy BTC mining review

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