What’s Fast Mining And How Does Work?

Fastmining.pro Review: Is Fast Mining Legit Or Scam? Should i invedt in the platform, it’s good to understand a mining platform before putting your $1 in the website. This is a new year and we all must be careful about some ads. We strongly advise that you avoid information that ends with pay some percentage before you can withdraw. However other bad experience comes mostly from platform that want you to download their app via file and not Google. Before you move on, check hash-crypto.net review. 

Fastmining.pro Review


Fastmining is a cloud mining firm that was founded in 2023-11-24 by group of experts. It’s office is located 142 Cromwell Road, London, England, SW7 4EF(Fast Mining SERVICES LTD). However they claims to have millions of investors all over the world. Fastmining is a platform that claim to be affordable and easy-to-use.

The mining firm is newly built with so many promises for cloud mining service. If you have visited the website, they boast to have the cheapest source of renewable electricity in the world. Therefore, If you’re looking to mine Bitcoin or Ethereum, the will offer a great opportunity, allowing you to mine cryptocurrencies without owning any equipment.

Well, i see you are either reading this review as an old investor or as a beginner. More-so, you might be here to know if fastmining.pro is legit or scam. Secondly, you must have an investment with them or looking to comfirm before investing. But in whichever way it’s for you, we are not adding to what you have had in mind. However we are here to discuss your confusion or questions if fastmining.pro is legit.

During our fastmining.pro review, We visited the platform, you can check these address https://home.fastmining.pro/about but don’t invest. We have understand that fastmining.pro is another version of hashminer.pro. However we will discuss further to tell you about the platform.

Mining Plans

Fastmining.pro offers investors with btc investment opportunity. Therefore you can either mine bitcoin, LTC or DOGE. This plans have different interests and packages to choose from.


BTC Plans

EXPERIENCE: This is the trial plan that cost $0 to start mining. However the contract duration is 3 days and the daily mining is 0.000011 BTC=$ 0.50. The total mining after 3 days is 0.000034 BTC= $ 1.50

STARTER: This plan help you to ho pro, with plan price of $12. The contract duration is 365 days and Hardware is Antminer S19. Moreover the daily mining is 0.000015 BTC= 0.66 $ and monthly mining is 0.000451 BTC= 19.80 $

PROMOTIONS: Fastmining.pro offers an account to start with $100. The contract duration is 365 days and hardware is Antminer S19. In this account, your daily mining is 0.000083 BTC= 3.66$. The monthly mining is 0.0025 BTC= 109.80 $ and there’s 20 % off.

BASIC: The basic plan cost $320 and the contract duration is 365 days. The hardware is antminer S19 and the daily mining is 0.00052 BTC=$ 22.60. The monthly mining is 0.0155 BTC= $ 678.00 and it gives you 30 % off.

ECONOMY: Therefore looking to start with good returns, you can choose this plan with $728. However the contract duration is 365 days, the Hardware is Antminer S19. Daily mining is 0.00129 BTC=$ 56.80 and monthly mining is 0.0388 BTC= $ 1704.00, more-so, you will get 20 % off.

Big Plans

STANDART: This plan cost $2400 and contract duration is 365 days. The Hardware is Antminer S19 and daily mining is 0.00500 BTC=$ 219.50. However the Monthly mining is 0.1501 BTC= $ 6585.00 with referral rewards of 240 USDT. You get 25.58 % off.

ADVANCED: Fastmining offer a plan with $6400. However the ontract duration is 365 days, the Hardware is Antminer S19. Please note that daily mining is 0.02583 BTC=$ 1133.00 and Monthly mining is 0.7748 BTC= $ 33990.00. The referral rewards is 640 USDT and you get 30.3 % off.

LUXURIOUS: This is the highest plan, it cost $13800, the contract duration is 365 days.
Hardware is Antminer S19 and Daily mining is 0.09574 BTC=$ 4200.00 Monthly mining 2.8722 BTC= $ 126000.00. Referral Rewards is 1380 USDT

Is Fastmining.pro Legit?

Fast mining

Fastmining.pro is not legit and reliable, it’s a non registered entity that claim to be legit. They claim to have a legal investment company incorporated in the England . More-so, it says that they sre registered with the regulatory authority by UK FCA. Fastmining assures us that they are under the jurisdiction of the British government and serve global users, excluding countries such as mainland China that are not supported by cryptocurrency policies and regulations. However from all indications, this statement is just to make you deposit. In which after that you will not be able to withdraw on the second time. We advise that you don’t invest with the platform if you don’t want to lose your investment. Read review about awesome miner, a reliable platform for beginners.

Customer support

I like the fact that you can contact fastmining via livechat, email and contact form. However it’s not a guarantee of safe investment while you trust them with your money. I look at other information to help you decide. The company is located at 21 Lombard Street, London, United Kingdom, EC3V 9AH. If you don’t want to visit them, you might write their email [email protected]. You need to understand that they aren’t going to reply when you request withdrawal. To start mining profitably go here and choose mining investment out of all the investment options.


Fastmining alternative

Finally we will conclude our fastmining.pro review by telling you that it’s not legit. Fastmining is a cloud mining investment by groups or individuals who scam people by creating new website every day. In fact, many people have believed that mining is scam at any level. Therefore you would know how they do it with you. Fastmining is not just one website, currently they have atleast 10 website for scam mining. My best advice is for you to stop looking at their fals claim and bogus promises. It’s usually difficult to give such service and at good will. Therefore if you are looking for a reliable platform to mine bitcoin or invest, go for expertinvestpro.

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