Awesomeminer Review

Awesome Miner Review: Is Awesome miner Legit Or Scam? Find Out Today By Reading Our Review. Moreover, finding it difficult to withdraw your profit, read a guide from the platform frequently asked questions. Awesomeminer is a platform we have verified after installing the software. It’s free of malicious files. Try our recommended miner.

Awesome miner Review 2024

Awesome miner

Awesome  miner is a well-regarded cryptocurrency mining software that provides a comprehensive set of features for managing and monitoring mining operations. It is compatible with a wide range of mining hard ware, including GPUs, CPUs, and ASICs, and supports a variety of cryptocurrencies.

AwesomeMiner is also relatively easy best for professionals to use, even for beginners. However you can use the optimized Antminer firmware to get significant hashrate improvements and more features. The firmware supports display of power usage, LED flash, sleep mode, and multiple predefined hashrate modes.

All these features are integrated in the platform. AwesomeMiner is not just new, founded in 2014-01-13 by group professional miners. The pillar behind awesomeminer is IntelliBreeze Software AB (former IntelliBreeze Software) is a Swedish software company and found in 2012.

IntelliBreeze Software AB released the first version of Awesome Miner in 2014 and the software has successfully been used in both small and large mining operations. Ths company seems to be good but we couldn’t find any details about the platform. The domain redirect you to awesomeminer platform, therefore we won’t say much about the company.

Pricing and Plans

Awesome Miner platform offers several different pricing options to cater to the needs of individual miners and organizations. However you still have control over this.

Individual Plans:

Free: This plan is completely free and includes basic features like monitoring and pool switching. Ideal for casual miners with a small setup.
Solo: Starts at $2/miner/month. This plan provides additional features like automatic miner control, custom script support, and advanced reporting. Suitable for solo miners and small mining operations.
Pro: Starts at $6/miner/month. This plan unlocks all features, including remote management, API access, and multi-user support. Best for larger mining operations and professional miners.
Cloud Services:

Basic: Starts at $40/month. This plan provides basic cloud mining services with limited hash power. However it’s Suitable for testing and experimenting with cloud mining.
Standard: Starts at $100/month. This plan offers more hashpower and is ideal for miners who want to supplement their existing mining operation.
Pro: Starts at $360/month. This plan provides the highest level of hash power and is best for large-scale mining operations.

Awesomeminer Features

Improved hashrate performance: On average an increase of 10%+ can be expected for Antminer S9 and 40%+ for Antminer S17. It also Improves the power efficiency by tuning of each individual ASIC chip. However both overclocking and underclocking are supported.

Easy to use: It’s generally speaking that system is easy to use. Therefore select a target hash Rate and the firmware will take care of all details. More-so it’s flexible by allowing manual tuning and many configuration settings. There’s an antivirus to prevent and recover from virus attacks. Finally very low power usage (25W) in case the Internet connection is lost, then Immersion cooling support.

How To Integrate Awesome Miner



  • First of all, of you need to follow this simple steps to to have this running on your computer.
  • Install and upgrade firmware via Awesome Miner
  • Display of current power usage
  • Display of ASIC chip performance and details
  • Find the physical miner by initiating a LED flash
  • Put the Antminer in sleep mode where it will consume very little power

Antivirus scan

  • Change mining profile to allow overclocking and underclocking via Awesome Miner
  • Enable AsicBoost via the mining profile configuration in Awesome Miner
  • Backup and restore of firmware configuration settings
  • All Antminer features in Awesome Miner are available to use with the Awesome Miner Antminer Firmware
  • All operations can be performed on a large number of miners at once
  • No Awesome Miner licenses required for miners running firmware versions with a 2.8% mining fee

Is Awesome miner Legit?


Awesome miner is legit and reliable enough to upgrade on the monitoring system platform. However based on our check so far, this Conclusion might be taking based on our own experience so far.

We believe it will work for you if you follow the right steps. However In the process of our awesome miner review, we searched for other people’s review. Seeing some bad review on trust pilot was major reason to clarify you on the platform here. Firstly the user wrote his awesome  miner review based his inability to use the platform well and not that it’s not legit.

Well, i feel there should be other good review on same platform but not showing up there. However on the other thought we could not find anything to label awesome miner a scam. The system is not get rich quick platform, it’s good for beginners, the withdrawal is pretty easy to process. If you face challenges, there’s customer support to help you, ranging from FAQs, Contact form and email. Try awesome miner platform and add enjoy your mining experience.

Mining fee

The firmware has a mining fee of either 1.8% or 2.8%

The mining fee is based on a parallel mining concept to avoid any interruptions to the normal mining

The firmware with a 2.8% mining fee includes an Awesome Miner license and doesn’t consume any of the licenses available in Awesome Miner. This makes it possible to run Awesome Miner and Cloud Services without paying anything for the license as long as you use the firmware with a 2.8%.

Customer Support

Awesomeminer offer the basic support service methods which helps user to make more conducive mining. The platform offers a contact form for good support experience. More-so, you can use the contact form to help yourself. It’s equipped with extensive information about how to start mining and withdrawal and deposit process.

I believe you will find whatever you need while scanning through the FAQs page. Don’t be confused fir not seeing the livechat or phone, you might not need it. All response is within 24 hours response.


Finally we will conclude our Awesome Miner review by telling you to start mining with the them. However awesome miner is legit but not regulated by any regulatory agencies but have good good tracking record. The platform started since 2014 and operate under the big name IntelliBreeze. Moreover checking the platform features, you can start monitoring your investment with click button.

That’s to say that its easy and fast to use, most importantly cheap to upgrade your software performance. Remember that awesome miner works with many other mining firms. Well we have some miners like evergreen miner to compare with awesome miner platform.

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