Hash-crypto.net Review

Hash-crypto Review: Is Hashcrypto.net legit or scam? Find out today by reading this review.  Therefore when you invest or see a genuine platform, you might not really want to read reviews. However sin crypto mining have turned into a different game of scam, we hope that our efforts help you.

Hash-crypto Review


hash-crypto Mining is one of the leading cloud mining platforms that offers a wide range of currency mining capabilities for newbies. However they claim to make crypto mining easy for everyone by adding value to your mining.
Hash crypto was founded in 2023-11-03 by group of experts in crypto assets. The platform claim to be located at 80 High Street, Walkern, Stevenage, England, SG2 7PG. Now let’s look how the platform works and how to start mining.

However hash-crypto does not give us the trust to recommend the platform. On writing hash-crypto.net review we noticed so many things which is important that we discuss them here. Hash-crypto.net is a new investment scam that claim to offer bitcoin mining.
They have two domain as usual, the one for landing page and the user dashboard. However just like their other website smart-mining.club, you will not see any reasonable information about them.
They offer discounts on their packages and you must invest to mine. Therefore the question is, if hashcrypto.net is legit to mine with, well read bellow to verify.

Mining Plans

FREE: Hash-crypto offer $10 / 1 Day
$10 / 1 Day mining plan. However this is regarded as free, the daily mining is 0.0001 BTC ( ≈2.6 $ ). Total mining is 0.0001 BTC ( ≈2.6 $ ) and withdrawal is daily.

EXPERIENCE: This plan is for beginners with price $15 and ontract duration is 1 day. Your daily mining is 0.00063 BTC is( ≈16.38$ )and total mining is 0.00063 BTC ( ≈16.38$ )

NOVICES: This is the best plan with $99 proce and ladt for 365 Day. In this, your daily mining is 0.00019 BTC ( ≈ 4.94 $ )and yearly mining is 0.0695 BTC ( ≈ 1807 $ ).

ORDINARY: This plan cost $399 and contract duration is 365 Day. However your daily mining is 0.00096 BTC ( ≈ 24.96 $ )and Yearly mining is 0.3501 BTC ( ≈ 9103 $ ).

ADVANCED: In this plan hadhcrypto offer $899 mining plan. However the contract duration is 365 Day and daily mining is 0.00247 BTC ( ≈ 64.22 $ ) More-so, the yearly mining is 0.9015 BTC ( ≈ 23439 $ )

BOUTIQUE: This plan cost $1699 / 365 Day
$1699 / 365 . The daily mining is 0.00545 BTC ( ≈ 141.7 $ )and yearly mining is 1.9876 BTC ( ≈ 51678 $ ).

LUXURY: This plan cost $2999 and the contract duration is 365 Day. However the daily mining is 0.01153 BTC ( ≈ 299.9 $ )and Yearly mining is 4.2101 BTC ( ≈ 109463 $ ).

PARAMOUNT: This is the highest plan with $6999 price. The contract duration is 365 Day and daily mining is 0.03365 BTC ( ≈ 874.9 $ ) more-so the yearly mining is 12.2819 BTC ( ≈ 319329 $ ).

Is Hash-crypto Legit


Hashcrypto.net is not legit, the two domain offer the same service as one platform. Thus it poses a threat to investors who is still new but want reliable platform. In addition to why we do not recommend the platform, we noticed that they have bogus claim.
It tells how unrealistic they will be in terms transparency. My observations so far shows that it’s not legit but a scam who knowvthe best strategy. Hash-crypto does not have just this platform but hundreds of websites.
Even if you don’t invest in this one you will still see other website they advertise to be legit. Well, to verify that hashcrypto.net is not legit check the year they claim to have been in existence and check the above year we rooted out.
Consider the bonus they give and check related websites. Most importantly if you try the platform, you won’t withdraw your funds. I rest this case.

Support Service

Hash-Crypto offer customer support via email, phone, contact form and More. However you can equally visit the official address at 80 High Street, Walkern, Stevenage, England, SG2 7PG. For instant contact, [email protected] or check the Telegram @Hashcryptovip. Remember that this is not a guarantee of getting your money back after investing with them. We strongly advise that you avoid this platform and go for alternative. We have compared best bitcoin mining software, start mining now.


Finally we will conclude our hash-crypto.net review by telling you to avoid them. The platform is not legit and reliable hashcrypto.net is built with no good information. They have given us the opportunity to look into their mining activity. Mostly because we had to try to tell you the truth. Therefore, from my perspective if you ever try to invest with hashcrypto.net, you will loss your investment. To know that they are not legit, register with the website and wait for one week. After one week, you will see that they will come with same website different name and same server. If you really want to know more about the website invest what you can afford to lose. Most importantly, don’t download their app. It’s malicious and can take all you have. Read smarthash.club review.

Hash-crypto alternative

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