Why Most Forex Traders Fail? A Simple Guide to Revealing the Real Reasons Most Forex Traders lose money

Why Most Forex Traders Fail? A Simple Guide to Revealing the Real Reasons Most Forex Traders lose money

In this article, I am going to share with you the 5 reasons why most forex traders fail. There are a lot of forex systems and forex trading platforms out there. But in my experience, the best forex trading platform available is the one that uses an auto trading robot to make trades for you. This forex trading robot will eliminate your human emotions. More-so it will only trade on the basis of set rules and parameters.

Reasons Why Most Forex traders Fail.

Why most forex traders fail
Bogus Plan

Another reason why most forex traders fail, is because they’ve set unrealistic goals and targets. Always keep in mind that your forex trading strategy and target must be realistic as per your actual trading budget and investments. Having the discipline and a sound trading strategy to follow it would minimize losers while maximising winning positions.

Gamble Instead Of Trading

95% of traders lose money if they do this. A forex trader, who is not disciplined is like a gambler on a casino. He’ll put all his money in a losing position and won’t even think about the next winning position. In contrast, a disciplined forex trader will take a losing position when it’s profitable. However, will enter a winning position when the market conditions are right. In addition, he will exit a losing position when the market conditions have improved.

The Lack of a Trading Plan

Another of the main reasons why most forex traders fail is they don’t have a clear trading plan. Most traders tend to create too many trading strategies, get confused with the multitude of info out there and end up making mistakes. It’s important to have a trading plan that fits your personality. Once you develop a trading strategy that you like and works for you, then you’ll be able to make consistent profits from it, instead of being a statistic yourself. See how to go about fundermental analysis in business.

Lack of Money Knowledge:

This one might seem pretty obvious but it’s surprising how few forex traders actually have a good trading strategy that works for them. You can start trading online for free and learn a lot about the market and trading, while making money! However, if you don’t have a clear trading plan based on your personal preferences, you’ll be constantly making bad decisions and losing money. Trade binary options with iqcent


These are just 3 of the main reasons why most forex traders fail. 95% of forex traders lose money why trading forex because it’s volatile. Of course, others might come up with their own personal reason for failure. It’s really up to you to find the system(s) that work best for you. Do you want to learn the trading platforms completely? Are you ready to go to your local college or university and learn to trade from an expert?
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