Wazobia cash investment | is wazobia cash investment legit or scam learn more about Nigeria new investment platform

Wazobia cash investment, how does wazobia cash investment work? Is this investment platform scam or legitWazobia alternative investment platform

Wazobia alternative investment platform

Wazobia cash review, is wazobia cash investment legit or scam? Learn more about the platform.
Wazobia cash is Another criminals tending to make your life miserable. Have you heard of wazobia Cash, Who is behind wazobia Cash? Are they legit or scam.

Another panzi scheme, another investment platform like the father box value and mmm. Nigeria is in another danger as wazobia cash will not stop now till you invest your millions of naira.

Wazobia cash investment

We came accross this con dealer with the name wazobia.cash and we decided to write wazobia cash review. However looking at the forefront of this investment platform, it’s fake.

The website is integrated into looting by offering 50% return in 3 days and subsequent return in 7 days. Therefore if you can understand this impending doom for Nigerian, you will never register with them.

They claim that the country is in recession and that they came to help. All these is just to make you register, in which after few months you won’t be able to load the page again.

Don’t make the mistake of investing in scam investment platform like wazobia. Otherwise choose a broker like alpari and invest in forex. More-so you can invest in bitcoin mining investment with IQ mining


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In the process of our wazobia review, we tried to find out more about the platform. I checked whois, but their information is private, we tried to get more details on their dashboard but they didn’t provide any. We followed their Facebook link but it was broken. I tried the telegram page and we were able to see a group.

We joined and monitored the conversation. All we could see is users complaining about their referral links. They hardly make use of this links, whil others will complain about not getting approval from their matched candidates.

We tried to know the admin, but no detail, however all we got was other scammers introducing us to their own investment platform.




The people behind this scam platform is hidden and has remained unknown. However its managed by admin and those they feel like making guider. Therefore this company survived by giving referral bonus. So if you refer a user, you will get 10% of their investment.

By doing this, users intend making more money by pushing their friends to register. The company keep moving fast and they that invited you will not tell you the truth. However a popular artist by name ‘Yul Edochie’ who might know the group behind this con advertised for wazobia.

With advert for the company, people had more trust score for this scammers. Though while others said that his account was hacked. Many reacted badly for such action.

They said that he was promoting a scam like mmm knowing what mmm did to the country. On his Instagram page which he used for advertising such scam investment. Many said no to that while others commanded him.


Is wazobia cash investment legit? Yes, checking the ponzi scheme, you don’t need us to say that they are scammers. However we will remind you of making mistakes, if you have joined them already. The investment platform is a cheap scam. Minor con dealers, though they are generating money by giving you hop.
This will not last longer than 6 months and new users will cry. Therefore we suggest that you opt out now that you still have time.


Wazobia cash review

How does wazobia cash investment work? This company operate by connecting or matching investors to pay each other an estimated amount with hop to get 50% profit in 3 days.
However before you start pledging, you will need to activate your account with $1000. In which after the activation, you can now provide help to other users.

✅Register at www.wazobia.cash

✅Pay a one to time activation fee of 1,000 naira

✅Make your pledges, wait to be merged and make payment

✅Click on withdraw to receive your money after your pledge is due for withdrawal

✅10k Minimum payment In Naira

✅ 1M Maximum payment in Naira

✅0.004 Minimum payment In Bitcoin

✅10% referral bonus for all payment of your downlines

✅ Refer up to 10 active users and become a guider

✅ Active Support Line

✅Auto Assign To Make/Receive Payment

✅24 Hours Merging System

✅ Wazobia Investment Supports minimum 100% Recommitment Policy for all Users.

Wazobia cash alternative



Wazobia cash alternative
In the process of our wazobia cash review we noticed that they are not just scam but unorganized investment group. However the truth about this scam is that they have lasted longer than expected.
The outcome of it would be more outbreak of scam and loss of fund by individuals. Well, this will affect mostly, users that will invest late. However our advice will remain, that you avoid them completely. If you have already invested, please withdraw your money fast and not investing again.
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