Hedge-coin.com review : is hedge coin legit or scam? A serious warning, make sure to read this review

Hedge coin review: is hedge coin legit or scam?. The cryptocurrency mining firm with the domain name (hedge-coin.com) was registered on 2018-06-02. The company claim to be a group scientist with effective knowledge on blockchain. They equally  claim to offer cryptocurrency exchange with the best rate. Now we will review the firm to see how reliable its. However providing you with hedge coin review is thing of join because we will save many casualties.

Hedge coin

Hedge coin review

Hedge coin is allegedly a cryptocurrency mining company that claim to be the best. Now we decided to go through the website to see if they are legit or scam. Unfortunately hedge coin is a real time con, unguided criminals. They are something useless than fake, hedge coin offer no service at all. They don’t know how cryptocurrency mining works,  the managers don’t know were to start with mining.  I was very angry when I saw them mixing mining with trading.
Do you know the worst part of it all, their web template is designed to scam investors.  However,  that is not just any investor but binary options, forex or and crypto investors.  On their front end they are talking about mining. But when you complete Registration,  you see a different thing. Therefore looking at the company,  body that have mined bitcoin before will not register.  The are located no where I  the world . I decided to write hedge coin review because those that will be a victim will find it difficult to recover.  This because they will use only bitcoin as a payment method. They are not mining any shiit… hear me, they are just new scam artist with no mining rig.

Is hedge coin legit or scam?

Is hedge coin legit is a question expected from any investor with his or her sense. However by looking at the webpage you already know that something is fishy. Therefore, from our end we needed no more evidence after going through their page. We need no rigorous testing to say that they are just a scam. Though I believe, those that will register with them are just novice.
But if you can see very well, you will know that they don’t have any mining tools. Hedge coin doesn’t have mining rig, they don’t know what is called data center.
Therefore with no doubt or further evidence, we have called them scams. We have compared other good mining companies the some instances.  The company have nothing to make them a mining firm. Don’t invest your money in that site, you will never see it again.

How does their mining work?

Hedge coin review
At Hedge coin scam, you don’t need any special effort to mine bitcoin or any cryptocurrency. They offer no hash power and no GHs no fee or cost of energy.  You just have to send bitcoin to them and you start receiving you daily income.  However, we know that that with that no stress, they will attract more users. But if you don’t want to stress you self with purchasing instruments for mining.
Then we have option for you, yes you can mine bitcoin without stress.  bitcoin mining.  have done the stressful work for you.  Therefore if you don’t want to be on your computer 24/7, then go to bitcoin mining. However the best of it is that its trusted and reliable.  Above all I have used it and I’m still using it, they offer customer support in all class.
Where is hedge coin located?
Quoting the company, they claim so much more than expected. Let check their statements below..
(Hedge Coin is registered under the name Crypto Hedge Limited, Company number 11361629 at the companyhouse UK, a member of the Finance Regulation of B category. This is proof of the high quality of our services and guarantees each trader’s deposit insurance, comprehensive support and prompt resolution of all issues). Now checking their mining or trading location,  they are not licensed by any regulatory agencies. The company is not located in UK, they don’t guarantee your investment.
Finally we will conclude hedge coin review by telling you to stay away from the site. If you start with them, you will give them your financial details. And with that, as a scam they might clone your account at any time. The mining site is nothing but cheap panzi company,  they said up time customer support.  But I tried getting in touch with them but  no reply.
Now if you are reading  this review because you want to mine cryptocurrency profitably. Then we suggest you rest your peace at IQ mining, like i have said they will offer you good service.
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