ViaBTC Review: An ultimate guide to earning Passive income with cryptocurrency

ViaBTC Review: Is viaBTC Legit Or Scam? Find Out Today By Reading Our Review on Via BTC platform. The recent increase on crypto mining scam is alarming. Many has become a Victim of unrealistic promises on return of investment via crypto mining. It’s important to know that making money online is never easy, and number of legit mining sites are quite few among many. Researching very well before investing will help you make the right decision while investing. However on review, we will determine if they are safe to invest with or not.

ViaBTC Review 2024

In 2024, thousands of crypto mining sites are out, but few are ranked best amog them. Viabtc is regarded as one of the most reliable mining firm which offer a competitive mining tools.
It’s quite simple to say that viabtc is a reliable mining platform that allows individuals and businesses to mine bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. At low cost, in a safe environment, safe platform and transparent business plan. Viabtc is an all in one mining tools for successful results.
At via btc, you get built-in multi-cryptocurrency wallet for deposits and withdrawals. However there’s also a crypto-crypto trading with Auto Conversion. More-so the platform allows you to manage mining profit and pay with ZERO tx fee.
In the process of viabtc review we were able to verify that via BTC is old in the market. It was founded in 2015-12-23 and registered by the platform is legit and well built with intuitive interface.
It automatically enhance your investment activity and allows you to track your mining needs with a Real-time hashrate monitoring and timely fluctuation alerts.
While you might wonder  viaBTC is a mining pool based in China and is considered a stable mining network and the world’s top all-inclusive mining pool. Compare platform with easy BTC mining.

Via BTC Features

Viabtc offer many good features which shows that they are legit. These include serving users in 130+ country. However the platform can communicate in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, English, Russian, and Spanish. While you read more you will see all the features.

Other Features Are

  • a wallet
  • a block explorer
  • a cloud mining platform
  • The mining pool
  • API

On the homepage itself, you can see the list of cryptocurrencies supported such as Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dash (DASH), and many others. On the list, you can see the daily profit (USD/Th/s). the current exchange rate of the currency (in USD), the pool hashrate, the network hashrate, the number of miners, difficulty, and guide.

Smart Mining


One of the main features of ViaBTC is Smart Mining. It has two options: One-click Switch and classic Smart Mining. One-click Switch is available for Bitcoin and Ethereum pools. As the name suggests, it allows miners to switch to mining a different cryptocurrency without wasting time on the configuration of the mining process.

The Bitcoin pool allows switching in one click between BTC, BCH, BSV, and FCH. The Ethereum pool allows switching Ethereum to Ethereum Classic and vice versa.

Classic Smart Mining allows users to automatically switch to the most profitable coin that they can mine with the current miner’s settings. ViaBTC’s algorithm is considering a few factors here such as the miner’s hashrate, relevant market data, and other factors to maximize the profit automatically.

The auto-conversion and creating mining sub-accounts

As the name suggests, the auto-conversion feature allows users to automatically convert all the mining earnings into BTC or USDT every hour. A pretty useful tool that can save you a lot of time.

When it comes to the mining sub-accounts, it is another feature that will make your time with ViaBTC easier. It offers users to associate any subsidiary account with the same account via ViaBTC.

You can use this sub-accounts to withdraw funds to various addresses. Furthermore, you can associate each account with a different email address. You will find the mining sub-accounts feature pretty useful if you have several mining rigs or farms.

Cloud mining service BTC-360

Via btc

Yet another exciting and notable feature of the ViaBTC mining pool. It allows users a 360 days long rent of a certain amount of computational power used for the mining of Bitcoin.

The only fee paid for the BTC-360 feature is a hashrate fee which is not fixed, rather depends on the current Bitcoin price. Furthermore, please note that the contract price is not constant either, It depends on the prices, mining difficulty, mining electricity costs, and other factors. You will get reward on a daily basis, after 00:00 UTC. Compare platform with ox mining platform. 

ViaBTC Payment Methods

How does Viabtc share profit to investors? From my point  of view, via btc use this formula to distribute ROI. The algorithm is PPS+, PPLNS, and SOLO.

PPS+ stands for pay per share plus. The standard PPS algorithm means that the miner gets a certain reward for each valid share she/he sends. PPS+ is a somewhat upgraded version of PPS. PPS is usually considered as one of the best models for those who mine with gaps or from time to time. Unlike PPS, PPS+ allows miners to receive additional profit via allocating mining fees through the PPLNS reward algorithm.

PPLNS means “pay per last N shares”. When a miner uses the PPLNS algorithm, the reward size depends on the number of submitted valid shares in the last N difficulty round when the block is found. The platform charges smaller fees if miners use PPLNS. To maximize rewards when using PPLNS, it is recommended not to stop mining. The gaps can cause a loss of profit.

The SOLO profit returns supposes that the miner who mines the block independently receives the entire block reward. The platform charges a fee for daily operation and the maintenance fee.

Mining Fees

ViaBTC offers a reasonable fee to users, however this fee might vary. Firstly, the block reward fees are 4% for the PPS+ payment method and 2% in the case of PPLNS mode. They charge 1% on SOLO miners, this is fee for both mining and withdrawing. More-so, they charge 2% on Withdrawals for the PPS+ and PPLNS miners. However, In the case of merged mining, the second currency comes for free.

Customer Support

To tell you that viabtc is legit  and reliable, Viabtc offer customer support through email, contact form, ticket and comprehensive knowledge base. Therefore you can easily reach out to them and get instant reply. We should understand that it’s very important to be sure of your investment when mining. The number one measure to knowing if a platform is reliable is by the type of support service they gives. If you are not getting a response after investment, they it’s good to say you invested in a scam platform. However via BTC even though do not offer livechat, they still provide other support methods.

Is viaBTC Legit?

Viabtc is not legit if we are to judge with other platform review. However we will analyze with our findings and understanding. Thus i can say, you should not invest more than what you cannot afford to lose. I can say for sure that Viabtc is aiming at helping miners make more blocks. The platform have best tools for crypto mining and wallet services. You can equally get your own API to start with business account. Bitcoin mining software are available in different ways. However the most important part of this platform is it’s ability to serve users for more than 7 years. Thus we can say that the platform is legit for the fact that thry are old enough and have best tools.

ViaBTC Review Conclusion

Finally we will conclude by telling you that Viabtc is legit and not scam. However users might have had experience that seen abnormal and with anger they throw bad reviews on trustpilot. Therefore i strongly suggest you do more research and start with little amount if you are convinced that this platform is good for you. Hey friend,  you need to understand that our review is an opinion and not a guarantee of investment returns. We do not give a sure bet here. But we can tell you to try a low risk platform. With that you can monitor the platform for further information. Start mining bitcoin with reliable platform. Compare platform with bnbcan mining.

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