Ox Mining Review – Uncovering the Pros and Cons of Ox Mining

OX Mining is a decentralized cloud mining platform that allows users to purchase OX Power, which represents the computational power needed to mine cryptocurrencies. OX Power can be used in both of OX Mining’s mining pools, which are located on the Polygon blockchains. When mining with oxmining you use a web3 browser.
However  the use of OX Mining offers several advantages. These advantages include Security and transparency, efficiency and better user experience.

Ox Mining Review

The OxMining platform is a new mining site that taps into polygon technology. It was founded in 2023-12-30 and operated by a group of experts. The firm have social account  with thousands of user on their telegram. However from our check, the platform uses wallet connect to get you on board. This is not a safe step, as it’s still new and can’t be trusted. Therefore, i suggest that miners in the platform should use a new wallet to connect and never share their secret phrase. Moreover the platform is looking good and have some elements of professionals. You should interact with caution, and stay safe in mining crypto. Start investing in cryptocurrency today.

Mining Plans

Taste it: In this plan, OXCH power cost 1,000 OX and Pool Reward is 8.63%. However  the monthly Income is $0.00098 and price is $0.011, Collect Reward Each Seconds. The Contract Time Life-Time & Life-Time Instant Refund. The Extra Feature
are Automatic Deploy.
Power On: This is the second plan with, and  the Power price cost 500,000 OX. However pool reward is up to 8.63% while the monthly Income is $0.49053. The price is $5.685 and you Collect Reward Each Seconds. The contract is Life-Time & Life-Time Instant Refund, it have xtra Feature automatic Deploy
Start: OX mining offer Power up to 2,000,000 OX on this plan. The Pool Reward is up to 8.63% while monthly Income is $1.9621. However the price is $22.74 and you Collect Reward Each Seconds. The Contract Time is Life-Time & Life-Time Instant Refund it have Extra Feature on Automatic Deploy.
PowerUps: The Power use is 10,000,000 OX and Pool Reward is 8.63%. Your monthly Income is $9.8106, and  the price $113.7. You Collect Reward Each Seconds and Contract Time is Life-Time & Life-Time with Instant Refund. The Extra Feature are Automatic Deploy.
Light: OXCH Power is 50,000,000 OX with Pool Reward up to 8.63%. The monthly Income is $49.0532 and price is $568.5 Collect Reward Each Seconds. However the Contract is Life-Time & Life-Time Instant Refund with Extra Feature of Automatic Deploy
Pro: The OXCH Power is 100,000,000 OX and Pool Reward is 8.63%. The monthly Income $98.1064, and price is $1,137 the Collect Reward is Each Seconds. However Contract is Life-Time & Life-Time Instant Refund with Extra Feature of Automatic Deploy.

Is OX Mining Legit

Ox mining is not legit however we can’t definitively say whether they will take your investment or not. But after reading  our ox mining review, you should be able to determine if it’s legit or not. With our review, you can make your own informed decision even in other platform. First of all, we will look at the age of OxMining which is considered in tracking record. The platform was recently founded by group which we can’t tell.
Mostly importantly, they ask you to connect your wallet, by connecting your wallet, you are revealing your information. Please not that if ox minng is not legit, it will be too risky to deal with wallet connect. Secondly we have compared them with other platform which seems to be legit and we can just say that OxMining have a long way to go in other to worth your $100.

Customer Support

The platform offer customer support via livechat, email and telegram. Our information about them will not be larg, that’s because it doesn’t provide all the necessary details about the platform. Ox mining is not completely easy to navigate, we tried to know more about the platform but it doesn’t have the full information. However to reach out to the platform, you only have to use the means listed above.


Finally we will conclude our ox mining review by telling you to be careful investing with the platform. The mining firm claims to use polygon blockchains to integrate their mining platform. Therefore, before you can start mining, you must connect the your account. Thus we have advised that you should only link your wallet to a platform, you trust. However in a situation where you don’t trust the firm, you should use a wallet you are not doing other business with. If you want to earn money from mining crypto, you can start with expertinvestpro it’s reliable and safe to use. Other platform you should be careful with are smartmining.

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