Smbitex Review

Smbitex Review: Is Smbitex Legit Or Scam? Should i signup with the investment platform. We always know that investment of these days are not profitable. They are not something you can trust with all your fund. However this smbitex is new and have a lots of questions to answer.

SmBitex Review


Smbitex is an investment platform managed by professional. The platform is still new but have some customer investment. Smbitex is located at 232 New Cross Road, London, England, SE14 5PLare with over 5 staffs. Founded in 2023-11-08, registered by NICENIC INTERNATIONAL GROUP CO LIMITED. It’s a promising organization with a precise goal which is to manage cryptocurrency assets in order to increase their value. Considering the risks of trading on cryptocurrency exchanges, smbitex have developed a unique strategy to capitalize on even the slightest currency volatility. They claim to have AI implemented as APIs for the necessary cryptocurrency exchanges to automate the process and maximize profits. Our 24/7 traders monitor the correctness of the entire trading system and constantly improve strategies.
Smbitex often resort to short positions as they generate the highest profits due to the integration of automated tools and powerful interest rate algorithms that can generate profits in seconds. They use a combination approach that includes high-frequency trading strategies that combine human expertise with artificial intelligence to maximize results. However at this point, we will check if this smbitex is legit or fake.

Investment Pricing


Economy Package: This plan gives 2.0% Daily and profit is fixed on deposit
during the whole duration. The minimum deposit amount in this plan is $10.00 and max amount is $200, durations is 10 days.
You get refund.

Standard Package: This plan gives 3% daily and it’s daily fixed yield on deposit.
Minimum investment amount is $201 and max amount is $600. Duration is 20 days and you get refund at the end of contract.

Comfort Package: Smbitex best plan, the minimum investment is $601 and max amount is $1500. Duration is 30 days and there is a refund at the end of the contract.

Prestige Package: This plan has minimum investment of $1500 and maximum investment of $50000. However it’s a 40 days contract and you get refund after that. The total profit is 5% and its a daily fixed yield on deposit during the whole duration.

VIP Package: This plan is for rich investors, its 5.2% profit return. Weekly fixed yield on deposit during the whole duration. The minimum deposit is $5300 and max deposit amount $10000. However the contract duration is 35 Days at the end.

Pro Package: This is the last plan 5.8% profit after the contract expires. In this, fixed deposit yield at the end of term and duration is 35 days. The minimum deposit is $300 and the maximum deposit $10000.

Is Smbitex Legit?

Smbitex review

Smbitex claims to be legit investment platform but the fact is that they are not legit. Smbitex is a cryptocurrency exchange that is registered in the United Kingdom and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The exchange offers a wide range of cryptocurrency trading pairs, as well as margin trading and staking. Smbitex have no good reputation even as it has been praised for its security and customer support. Firstly there have been some reports of users having difficulty withdrawing their funds from the investment platform. More-so when you try to contact the support, they don’t respond if you withdrawing from your account. We strongly advise that you don’t invest with them. However other platform are available for a better investment and profit. Start with expertinvestpro.

Support Service

Smbitex offers a good support service Channel, this is important because as a user i would prefer live chat. Smbitex offers support service such as livechat, email, phone and contact form. However you can visit the Office at 232 New Cross Road, London, England, SE14 5PL. Well, , from my own perspective, smbitex offers a good service but the truth remains that we are not sure of the platform. Contact email [email protected], [email protected]
[email protected]. You can equally visit their Telegram Community.


Sm bitex

Finally we will conclude our smbitex review by telling you not to invest. Smbitex is not legit and reliable, however they are very new and can do anything to get you. Investing with the platform will make you lose your money. They are just faking the performance on the platform, and if you check the total deposit. It’s small compared to the amount withdrawn so far. Therefore if users are getting their withdrawal, it should be more than the deposit. Profit is usually more than the total amount deposited. Well don’t try them, we have other investment platform like smbitex, we tried and they failed read evergreenminer.

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