Evergreenminer Review

Evergreenminer Review: Is Evergreenminer Legit Or Scam? Find Out Today By Reading Our Review. As claims Evergreenminer is one of the best mining platform. Beginners and advanced miner can tap into the system and start earning with no effort of doing the hard work. However should we consider the saying from evergreen miner? In this review, you will find out why we do not recommend the platform despite their good looking website.

Evergreenminer Review


EvergreenMiner is a cloud mining firm that was founded by group of experts, the platform offers wide range of mining plan with fast delivery. it’s a plug-and-play hard drive mining solution that allows users to earn Chia (XCH) cryptocurrency without the need for any technical expertise.

The company offers a variety of pre-configured hard drive mining rigs that come with everything you need to get started, including the hard drives, software, and pre-configured settings. This platform established in 2021-05-25 and ever since then, the platform operates as the best cloud mining firm. However the mining firm has increased with over 500k user.

Investing with the platform looks legit but we might not recommend them as there are some information about scams on the platform. Even though that, Evergreen Miner’s rigs are designed to be energy efficient and easy to use, and they can be up and running in minutes.

The company also offers a variety of customer support options, including phone, email, and chat. Well before the end of evergreenminer review, we will conclude our investing with the platform or not.

Evergreenminer kits

Evergreen miner

Evergreen miner offers a good mining experience, you can decide to mine with below tools.

1x Evergreen Hub: This 1x Evergreen Hub helps you to runs a lightweight Chia Farmer. ypu can connects up to 40 Expansion PPacksp internet or WiFi enabled. It comes with 6w of power, 1x Expansion Pack, 10TB, 12TB, or 18TB. However you Earns XCH per TB of space. Then Comes pre-plotted, ready to earn and Actively cooled. It Certified Refurbished with 8w of power.

Add Expansion Packs from: This plan comes with $1,399 price. Earn xch on 30 watts however it’s Quiet, cool, and easy. The 1x Evergreen Hub Includes everything needed to earn, managed on the mobile app. But 4x Evergreen Expansion comes with additional features. 20TBe available and 84TBes of ready to earn space. The more TBs you add to your hub, the more you earn.

Starter Kit Pro: This plan cost $2,799, you can Earn ~2 xch per month on just 85 watts and it’s Quiet, cool, and easy. It’s 10x Evergreen Expansion with 20TBe 214TBes of ready to earn space. The more TBs you add to your hub, the more you earn.

Evergreen Expansion Packs: This plan come with eas and ready to earn. The more TBs you have the more you earn, and the quicker you recoup your cost. Each Expansion Pack runs on just 6w, costing less than $0.05 per day. This plan cost $2799 and you can earn up to 229.

We have to stop here in order to bring other information. You can see more on the platform by visiting the official website.

Is ever green light

Evergreenminer is not legit and reliable, the platform looks good but doesn’t provide a good service. In the process of our evergreenminer we did thorough research. However from users response evergreenminer might ask you to pay fee based on percentage each time you want to withdraw. The mining firm from all indications doesn’t offer a profitable service. The only way to get ROI, get your return on investment is to buy the starter kit pro or an enterprise miner. And then mine with it for atleast two years and hopefully during the next bull run the price of chia does atleast a 2X in price. And then you can possibly sell. In that you will be able to get your return on investment. But even after waiting for 2 years, user comfirmed that you might pay some percentage which doesn’t show that evergreenminer is legit.

Evergreen Miners Mine Chia


The cryptocurrency that the Evergreen Miner mines is Chia ($XCH). At the time of writing this article, Chia is ranked #134 by Coin Market Cap, with a price of around $43 per coin. Their market cap is just over $275M, with a 24-hour trading volume of about $4.5M. Keep in mind these are bear market numbers. According to CoinGecko, Chia’s all-time high was $1,645 in May 2021. If we continued to mine about 2 Chia per month, and Chia went back up to its all-time high, we’d be making over $3k/month or $36k/year. We are currently holding our tokens with the hopes of them pumping once the next bull run hits.

Support service

Evergreenminer offers customer service support via livechat, detailed FAQs and social network. However you can send your message to them via email [email protected]. The platform assumes to be 24/7 support provider but we couldn’t find this on their website. To start mining with evergreen miner, we advise thst you do a thorough research and or contact your financial advisor. However in the process of our evergreenminer review we checked the location and address but couldn’t find any. More-so we didn’t find the support phone number or more social link like telegram.


Finally we will conclude our evergreenminer review by telling you not to invest. Evergreenminer is not legit, not reliable and not regulated. The platform is no too old and not with good tracking record. I suggest you avoid them or have a special reason know to your financial adviser to invest in the platform.

I have received investment requests from so many mining platform, but i strongly suggest that if you want to mine, go for expertinvestpro. The platform is reliable and safe with fast track of return on investment. We have other investment platform that looks like evergreen miner. ( one is chainmine.pro) Try to avoid get rich quick investment platform. Most of them if not all are not legit.

Evergreenminer review

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