Miner.us Review: Is Miner.us Legit Or Scam? Should We Trust The Platform

Miner.us Review: Is Miner.us Legit Or Scam? Should We Trust The Platform. In 2023. Well, we should be more careful than before. Lately we have more scam cases in mining than trading. The action of scammers cannot be measured when they are mean to steal from you. In mining, many company are just here to claim boss RIG provider but at the same time, no data center for their mining. However in the case of miner us, let us analyze the miner us mining and see if they are legit to invest with. Start bitcoin mining and withdraw to your wallet daily. 

Miner.us review

Miner.Us Review 2023

Miner us review

Miner.us is a cloud mining platform that was recently founded with old domain. They claim to offer the best mining service possible to Investors and with higher returns. As said, Miner US offers a lifetime cloud mining plan consisting of various cryptocurrencies USDT with an extensive variety of counting power for investors. The platform provides multi-chain algorithm, multi-currency cloud mining services by utilizing cutting-edge technology.

Miner US platform provides mining technology for each blockchain algorithm and offers a variety of mining systems. With a wide range of mining power, they offers more than 150 days of a plan as well as lifetime cloud mining plans. More-so
Miner US platform strives to provide investors with high-quality services. The platform boast of professional staff, analysts, engineers, data scientists, operators, and risk managers provide guidance and are responsible for cryptocurrency and blockchain investment.

Hashrate Plans

Miner us

Hashrates(GH/s) (0.00~999.99USDT) and the daily earning is 2.50%, and the referral purchase rebates are 3.00%, 0.00%, 0.00%.

The Hashrates(GH/s) (1000.00~9999.99USDT) earn 3.00% with referral purchase rebates of 4.00%, 0.00%, and 0.00%.

Hashrates(GH/s) (10000.00~29999.99USDT) with 4.00% earning and referral purchase rebates of 5.00%, 0.00%, and 0.00%.

Hashrates(GH/s) (30000.00~99999.99USDT) increased 5.00% daily earnings and 7.00%, 0.00%. 0.00% referral purchase rebates.

The Hashrates(GH/s) (100000.00~499999.99 USDT) get 6.00% daily earnings along with 9.00%, 2.00%, and 0.00% referral purchase rebates.

Hashrates(GH/s) (500000.00~599999.99USDT) with the highest daily earning of 10.00% and highest referral purchase rebates of 12.00%, 2.00%, and 1.00%.

Is Miner.us Legit?

Lolz, miner.us is not legit but a big time scam. However, they claim to offer the best service but never had a single mining machine but site. Miner us have a proven results to be fake. No need to try the platform, others have invested and lost their money.

Therefore if you invest currently, you are definitely going to lose. Avoid the name miner us. They are not legit just like hoyo mining, qubit hashes and honest mining. Miner US no longer use their domain on ads, but us site.google. the platform do this to confuse you when you see them on Google.

However when you visit the showing domain on Google it redirect you to miner us. In the process of our miner.us review, we noticed that they are new but with old domain. Therefore, if you try to check their platform age, you cannot get real results. Please start mining with a platform you can trust.


The platform does not provide any Support to users, instead you need to write using contact form. Investing with them might not be easy as they claim. Such platform without live chat or phone support is not advisable. I strongly believe that a good mining platform should provide live chat support. If not, you might find it difficult to get help even when they are not determined to scam you. But mostly, all the platform with no support are scam. Avoid related firm like Capital-Btc.


Miner us

Finally we will conclude our miner.us review by telling you to avoid them. Reasons are they have scammed people already without response. More-so the platform keeps increasing and getting more domain to confuse you to invest. But the truth is that they are not legit. Miner us can never provide a good  mining firm because it is that same platform that you have invested your 100$ and didn’t get it back, you are just trying their current version at miner us. Do you want to mine bitcoin, go for bitcoin mining, it’s legit  to invest with and good for beginners. You can start with $50.

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