How to trade binary options: step by step guide to binary options trading

How to trade binary options, if you have wondered how they BUY and SELL currency pairs in 6 seconds and make 95% profit, then join this binary 101 class. When it comes to online trading especially binary options, you must know how before investing.  Today we have working up to guide every beginners. Any dummies will learn at the end of this class,  how to make money trading binary options. 

But remember, we’re constantly going to guide you through binary options registration and making your first decision. To making your first profit as a professional trader.

Key Takeaways

What is binary option

How to trade binary options

Mistakes to avoid in binary options

Who can trade binary options

Types of option 

Can I make money trading binary 

What is binary option?

Simply put, A binary option is a financial exotic option in which the payoff is either some fixed monetary amount or nothing at all. The two chief types of double options are the cash-or-nothing double preference and the asset-or-nothing dual option. Remember that if you are in money it means you predicted right.

How To Trade Binary Options

Looking to start trading binary option, you will first choose a broker. However we have listed the best binary  options brokers. Therefore, you just have to register with any broker of your choice.

After choosing a broker, some broker will take hours to days before approving your account. However some will be instant approval. Once you verify your email, you are good to go.Once your account is approved, verify your account with passport or national identification card. Make a deposit with a minimum of $10 to $250, then you are set to trade. 

On the trading dashboard board,  you will see a line moving up and down.  That is the market movement, all you are required to do is to predict if the market will go up or down. However you can do that with two buttons called: PUT and CALL, put stand for HIGH while call stand for LOW. 


How to trade binary options

 It can equally be represented by UP and DOWN. On the same dashboard, you will see the time frame you are to use and bet. Good,  you will equally see the price button that you can use and input the amount you want to bet. Some minimum trade lot is $1 to $10 to $50, however it depends on your to choose.

  1. Minimum Trade: Select the amount you want to use.
  2. Expiration Time: Select how many seconds to last.
  3. Currency Pairs: Choose currency pairs, eg EURO/USD.
  4. Execute Trades: Strick the CALL or PUT button.
  5. Successfull Trade: Take profit of up to 95%.

 if you think EURO/USD, that is euro will rise in value against usd, then hit the green button PUT. However if you think otherwise, hit CALL. The two button gives you opportunities to wine, hence your time ends in a right direction with your prediction

Best binary options brokers for beginners 

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Mistakes To Avoid In Binary Options


  • Follow all your rules: make sure to do what you said you are going to do.
  • Don’t invest all your capital: make sure to invest small amount, you can lose.
  • Don’t trade on pressure: understandthe market first, don’t pressure your self.
  • Avoid non licensed brokers: if you ever pick a broker that is not legit, probably you wont succeed.

Types Of Option

The types of option in binary trading are listed below, however if you wish to trade with binary options robots,  we have arranged that for you.

  • Up/Down or High/Low – The vital and nearly everyone mutual double option. Will a set a price veneer elevated or junior than the in progress value a the time of expiry.
  • In/Out, go or Boundary – This alternative sets a “high” participate and “low” figure. Traders predict whether the value will close within, or outside, of these levels (or ‘boundaries’).
  • Touch/No Touch – These bear conventional levels, senior or hand down than the undercurrent price. The agent has to predict whether the concrete value will ‘touch’ individuals levels at any dot between the time of the trade an expiry.
    Note with a lay a hand on option, that the trade tin minute before the expiry time – if the fee plane is touched before the alternative expires, so therefore the “Touch” option will payout immediately, nonetheless of whether the charge moves gone from the feel at the same height afterwards.
  • Ladder – These options act like a regular Up/Down trade, but noticeably than using the modern cross your mind price, the ladder will give rise to specific set a price levels (‘laddered’ ever more up or down).These canister habitually be round about means from the stream clobber price.As these options in general want a considerable consequences move, payouts will regularly verve beyond 100% – but mutually sides of the trade may not be available

Who Can Trade Binary option?

Any body can trade binary options, however you need to have the primary knowledge to trade. Therefore you need to develope skill strategies and plan. Trade for pleasure and follow your guide to trading skills. If you can do your local business successfully, you can trade binary options. 

Can I Make Money Trading Binary Options?

How to trade binary options

The answer is yes… any body can win trades,  it depends on your experience. However some times some gurus can analyze the market and come up with a better signal. But if you have checked our top forex traders, they are billionaires.  However, they started from $250, so what matters is for you to start trading.  If you follow good guide, thank God for some brokers who now offer weekly webinars and personal coaches. If you register with any of these brokers, you are definitely going to learn. More-so learn to trade forex.


Binary options trading involves high risk, 65% of traders lose their money while trading. Make sure to understand this risk before investing your money. Above all, it’s made for adults like above 18 years. Do not invest your total capital. 

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