Honor Mining Review: Is Honor mining Legit Or Scam? See review before investing

Is Honor mining legit or scam, this review will implicate the platform. As we unveil the pros and cons. Start bitcoin mining 

Honor Mining Review

Hoyo mining

Honor Mining is a free cloud mining platform developed by group of crypto enthusiastic. They claim to offer the best mining service with cheap resources.

Founded in 2023-12-30, that’s less than 30 days today, however the platform has bogus profit claims. Well as claims, honorMining teams come from blockchain industry and IT engineers. Therefore they have you covered with the knowledge and skills of their team.

By using the platform you get the lowest price on electricity and purchasing costs in the Cryptocurrency mining industry. HonorMining has high-quality wind energy, hydro energy, and solar energy.

Most of their team are from top internet companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Stanford. More-so, the team is R&D department. they have rich technical strength. And their goal is to expand mining business to the entire cryptocurrency industry.

During the honormining review, we saw that there’s a location as Office or headquarter. Well we don’t know how true this may be but you can check it out. Address: 69 Aberdeen Avenue, Cambridge, England, CB2 8DL. Compare platform with Paxful.


BTC: The platform provides mining plans for user via btc. Check below information.

EXPERIENCE: this is the smallest plan with $20 price for 7 days. The daily mining is 0.000121 BTC ( ≈ 4.24 $ ) and total mining is 0.000847 BTC ( ≈ 29.65 $ ).

ORDINARY: This plan comes with 20% discount and the contract price is 260 $. However Contract duration is 365 days
Daily mining is 0.00005 BTC( ≈ 1.75 $ ).
Monthly mining is 0.0015 BTC ( ≈ 52.5 $ )

CLASSIC: You equally get 25% on this pl with the price of $390. The Contract duration is 365 days and daily mining is 0.000084 BTC ( ≈ 2.94 $ ).
Monthly mining : 0.00252 BTC ( ≈ 88.2 $).

INTERMEDIATE: honormining offer 40% off in this plan and it cost $900. However the contract duration is 365 days and daily mining is 0.000226 BTC ( ≈ 7.91 $ ). Your monthly mining is 0.00678 BTC ( ≈ 237.3 $ )

ADVANCED: The advanced plan cost $2000 instead of $4000, that’s bonus of 50%. Contract duration is 365 days daily mining is 0.000595 BTC ( ≈20.825 $ ). Your monthly mining is 0.01785 BTC ( ≈ 624.75 $ )

DELUXE: Cost $5000 and contract duration is 365 days. The Daily mining is 0.00176 BTC ( ≈ 61.6 $ ) and Monthly mining is 0.0528 BTC ( ≈1848 $ ). There’s 50% bonus to mine with this plan.

LUXURY: The price for this plan is $10000 and contract duration is 365 days. Daily mining is 0.00397 BTC ( ≈ 138.95 $ ) and monthly mining is 0.1191 BTC ( ≈ 4168.5 $ ). This contract comes with 50% off.

HONOR: This is the highest plan and it cost $26000 however the contract duration is 365 days. The daily mining is 0.01303 BTC( ≈ 456.05 $ ) and monthly mining : 0.3909 BTC ( ≈ 13681.5 $ ).

Is Honor mining Legit

Hoyo mining

Honormining.com, a cloud mining firm that promises users a lucrative opportunity to earn profits from cryptocurrency mining, unfortunately is not a legitimate platform. However to confuse you, tgey have two domain, Honormining.com and Honormining.net, the former is for landing page and the second for usser dashboard.

Upon careful examination and analysis, it becomes evident that their claims of providing unrealistic mining profits are nothing more than smoke and mirrors. Honor  mining is not legit. Legitimate cloud mining operations have well-defined operating costs, including the price of hardware, maintenance, electricity expenses, and other associated fees.

However, Honor mining fails to disclose these essential details or provide any verifiable evidence that supports their profit claims. Furthermore, the lack of transparency surrounding their team members and company information raises significant concerns about their legitimacy.

As a professional in the cryptocurrency industry, it is important to exercise caution and thoroughly research before engaging with any cloud mining platform to avoid falling victim to deceptive schemes such as Honormining.com. read more about Canaan mining.

Support Service

Honor mining provide customer support via email phone and contact form. Therefore user can equally reach out to them by visiting the headquarter as specified on the platform. Address 69 Aberdeen Avenue, Cambridge, England, CB2 8DL. However the phone number +44 1223553656 can still go for you or [email protected]. we know that they offer customer support but you might not get support during withdrawal. That’s to say you should be more careful about your investment with them, if at all you have invested. Compare platform with hoyomining.


Finally we will conclude our honor mining review by telling you to avoid the platform. Honor mining is not a legitimate firm to trade with, they offer a pyramid scheme service, which risk your investment. On my encounter with them, i have so many of their site. Honor mining have so many site duplicates for scam, the only change is the landing page and domain. Therefore avoid them for your sake, this mining platform have no good intentions. However if you are looking for a reliable platform, we have list of top crypto mining firms. Choose and start mining profitably. But you can still go for btc-miner.

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