Fundingpips Review

Fundingpips Review: Is Fundingpips Legit Or Scam? Have you purchased a package to trade with the platform. We have several questions to answer in this review. But before that, if you are using the platform, let us know on the comment section. Funding pips is a new investment platform with affordable pricing to trade on their money. 

Fundingpips Review 


FundingPips only makes profit when you trade for them and you can only trade with them as Investor. They are proprietary trading firm that provides funding to traders who can demonstrate consistent profitability  Looking to get funded as a trader? Funding Pips is the best place to start. They offer the best services to traders and aim to build the best community of funded traders. If you have what it takes to be among the best, Funding Pips is the recipe for success. The company offers a two-phase evaluation process to assess traders’ skills and risk management practices. If a trader passes the evaluation, they can receive up to $300,000 in funding to trade with. In return, FundingPips takes a share of the profits, typically 20% to 30%.

FundingPips platform has received mixed reviews from traders. Some traders have praised the company’s willingness to provide funding to talented traders, while others have expressed concerns about the company’s profit-sharing arrangement. Well, it’s always difficult to understand that when a platform gives you money to trade, at some point you are indebted to them. Therefore, it’s always good to to choose a good platform that gives the necessary tools to start.

Is Fundingpips Legit.

Is Fundingpips legit

FundingPips is legit and reliable based on our experience so far. Thus, one thing is questionable which is, if you want to become an affiliate with funding pips you must be an active client and must have invested. You can’t use your referral link until you invest, well with that, you are being pushed into the investment. But for now we still see fundingpips as a reputable company that provides a valuable service to traders who are looking for funding to trade with. However, it is important to understand the company’s profit-sharing arrangement and the risks involved before applying for funding. To do this, visit the official website and read the terms and conditions.

Customer Support

Fundingpips is platform with best tools to help traders. Funding pips offer customer support via contact form, email, FAQs and social  media. You can equally visit the head Office at Premises NO. 19948-001, IFZA Business Park, DDP Dubai U.A.E. the support service is 24/7 and users equally use the self service button. However if you want to send them mail instead of other options, you reach out with [email protected]

Pros And Cons Of FundingPips


  • Provides funding to traders who can demonstrate consistent profitability
  • Two-phase evaluation process to assess traders’ skills and risk management practices
  • Traders can receive up to $300,000 in funding
  • FundingPips provides access to real-time market data and trading tools


  • Traders must pass a two-phase evaluation process to be eligible for funding
  • FundingPips takes a share of the profits, typically 20% to 30%
  • Some traders have expressed concerns about the company’s transparency


Fundingpips plan
Account Size Price
$5,000 $32
$10,000 $60
$25,000 $139
$50,000 $239
$100,000 $399


Finally we will conclude our fundingpips review by telling that they are legit. Funding pips is a project to help young traders, they have the best trading strategies to help you succeed. Therefore we should equally consider that funding Pips is a relatively new companyand  does not have a long track record. More-so fundingPips platform is not regulated by any government agencies but i don’t think you subscribing at funding pips would cost you additional pain. However you pay for the access to start trading with their funded account. Read smbitex review before investing in the them.

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