Review: Is legit or scam? Can i get up to 12% Review: Is legit or scam? Can i get up to 12% daily ROI from the platform. I saw this ads on google and it says a lot of good strategy for easy mining. However I’m contemplating if this platform is legit, and i need your advice . Well before you decide if chain mine is legit, start mining bitcoin profitably with reliable platform. Review

Chainmine review

Chainmine is a crypto mining platform that allows investors to buy hashpower with ease. The chain mine cloud is not your regular mining site as they promise to provide the best mining service. Thus, they put effort to help you succeed without having all the necessary mining equipment. was founded in 2023-10-10 therefore it’s new and have no tracking record to prove it’s legitimacy. Thus we keep an eye on it as they have so many features to show that it will provide a good mining experience. In which ever way, you must be careful with crypto mining as it might be difficult to hash out new coin on your own.
Unlike paper money, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are generated mathematically. For this, chainmine provide the computing power needed to generate new Bitcoins and secure the Bitcoin network. At chain mine, you buy the Hash power which is used as the computing power that you offer to the Bitcoin network. It requires specialized high-performance computers that would be an expensive to purchase for individuals. ChainMine platform offers the required hardware as a service for anyone around the world. We all know that it’s easier said than done, and we keep asking if is legit to trade with. Starting from the age of this website, we all know that you might not really be at gain mining with them.

Chainmine Plan

Chainmine is offering different mining plans, this allows you to choose between the options based on your investment choice. You can start with as low as $ 10 and duration is in 8 days.

Amount you want to pay: 4.70000000BTC and MINER HASHRATE is 71865.443 TH/s. However the UNIT PRICE is 0.00006540BTC and the MINIMUM is 3.670 TH/s. The MAXIMUM is 71.865 PH/s and Estimated Income by Hashrate
PER HOUR: is 0.57% which amount to 0.02670285 BTC, PER DAY. It gives 13.64% which is 0.64086831 BTC PER WEEK. More-so you get 95.45% which is 4.48607816 BTC PER MONTH. Then you get 409.06% which is 19.22604925 BTC PER YEAR and finally 4976.96% which is 233.91693256 BTC and ESTIMATED ROI is 7 days

The pricing is a bit confusing but when you want to start you can ask their support. For now we only provided information base what we are able to access.


Is legit?

Chainmine is not legit because they are not up to 2 month now. The platform is built with good face however it doesn’t justify it’s legitimacy. We have compared the best, the worst, and scam sites here. The number is scam mining platform is quite much and keeps increasing everyday. We believe that, this platform is not far from the once that have scammed you. Base on our analysis, it has 99% of the features we see in other scam mining platform. Getting your first deposit might be easy to withdraw but second deposit to withdraw good profit is no no. We advise that you avoid chainmine as it’s not legit to invest with. Previously in chain we told you that they only change names but remain scam.

Chain mine Support

Chain mine doesn’t have support base on our experience with the platform. However they might have contact form on the user dashboard.
Therefore consider investing with a reliable platform rather them the one you can get support when needed. A good mining site should have livechat support, email [email protected] and contact form. Compare platform with mineone.


Finally we will conclude our review by telling you not to invest, the platform is not legit and reliable. is recently new with strategy to gain trust. If you have invested for more than 6 months on chainmine and you are sure that they are legit, make us adjust this review by providing all prove of transaction. However if you are looking for a reliable platform to mine bitcoin or any cryptocurrency investment, go for expert invest pro. They have multiple investment opportunities, you can equally mine bitcoin without fear. Start investing now.

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