Review: Is cloudhashes legit or scam? Should i mine bitcoin with cloudhashes Review: Is cloudhashes legit or scam? Should i mine bitcoin with cloudhashes. Investing with them might be highly unprofitable for beginners and even advanced. Be sure of your choice in mining as many platform out there are fake. Play with caution in mining even when we recommend. Most platform try to be good at first but when we check well, they are just fake. Start mining with bitcoin mining app

Cloudhashes Review


CloudHashes – is a mining service based on the largest mining pool in Western Europe. The platform uses a comprehensive approach to mining, which they claim to be advantage over competitors. However, with the platform you get access to a convenient mining service that increases your profit. Cloudhashes claims to offer the best mining service but we are not sure if they will offer that to us. Now i feel we aren’t going to trade with their promises but to verify this they have said. On cloud mining service, we usually have challenges with which is the best. Thus on this one, we will tell you not to invest till clear verification is done. team claim to works daily to improve the service. By this, they are making the site understandable and accessible to every user. More-so trusted by hundreds of customers who support the platform. If you are planning to invest in cloud hashes, you must be careful not to fail a Victim to fraudsters. But go here

Cloud Hashes Mining Plans

Cloud hashes offer multiple mining plans, including 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year. Therefore, you can choose and purchase power for cloud mining. A significant variation of packages allows our users to get an individual plan for mining.

Iron-3: This is a beginner plan with hashpower up to 17 000 GH/s. It’s a full time work and last for 90 Days, however the full Profit is 104.40$ and package costs $100.

Aluminum-3: This is another good package with hashpower up to 267 900 GH/s. There’s a full time work for 90 Days and full Profit up to 1640.70$ however the plan price is $1 500.

Lead-3: Hashpower up to 555 300 GH/s
Full time work of 90 Days and full Profit of 3400.20$, the investment cost $3 000

Copper-3: In this plan, the hashpower is up to 869 500 GH/s, however it’s full time work is 90 Days. Full Profit 5324.40$ and package price is $4 500

Nickel-3: This Cloudhashes plan is regarded as most popular plan with hashpower up to 1 198 300 GH/s. The full time work is 90 Days and full Profit is 7338.60$ the price of the package is $6 000.

Gold-3: This is a good mining plan also however the hashpower is 2 571 900 GH/s.
Full time work is also 90 Days however the full Profit is 15750.00$ actual package price is $12 000

Platinum-3: Hashpower up to 3 336 600 GH/s and contract full time work is 90 Days. However full Profit for the plan is 20432.70$ and package price is $15 000. Compare platform with online miningĀ 


Is Cloudhashes Legit?

Cloudhashes is not legit, it’s a platform with no data center. They have no proof of legit investment platform and transparent business. In the process of our cloudhashes review, we visited the platform. It’s good looking and easy to navigate. However checking the mining firm by years of experience, founders and more, we have cannot recommend them. I have checked the social links and investment portfolios. All give me reasons to think twice about the firm. More-so in trying to reach the customer support asking few questions like where are they located, what happens to my money if they short down the website. But reasonable information was not received. Therefore i Conclude that they are just scam and can never profit you. Compare platform with MineWealth


Did you ever think we are going to recommend this platform? We we have no reason to do that today rather than waiting for the best results. However at this point we will conclude our cloudhashes review and rating by telling you that it’s not legit. Cloudhashes is a bad mining firm with fine website, investment in the firm is never guaranteed. Thus they are just like other fake mining firm we have tried and they failed us. To start mining with best platform go for

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