Review: Is Legit Or Scam? Find Out Before Investing review investment review, is legit or scam? Find out before investing.

If you have no idea on how to trade forex, binary options or crypto, you probably have more interest in investment sites. Because you wouldn’t like take the risk on trading you would prefer robots or experts to trade on your behalf. The argument that i would prefer to know how to catch fish than to be given fish is best for those who want to learn how to trade instead of investing blindly. We have a company to talk about today by name is an online investment platform that claim to offer 2.6%, 3% and 5% return on your investment per day. They claim to have existed since 2013 and have provided online investment that is successful. Therefore we decided to check if all these claims are legit or false.

However in the process of our review, we checked whois look up, to know more about the company. Off cause bruxis is said to be a domain that was purchased by in 2013. In which after 7 years, a group of people bought this domain from which now works as investment. The full information about them is hidden by whois guard. Therefore, the owner is still unknown and the country is unknown. Review

In our further qust to know more about we checked how they make profits. Bruxis claim to trade forex, binary options and cryptocurrencies. And from the profit they make, you benefit if you invested. However all we could understand is investing with them and making profits. This investment with bruxis will require you to invite more users to make more profit. Therefore they rank user based on the amount of money they have made as partner. More-so, they increase your profit as long as you invite more users.

Plans And Packages.

There are 3 plans of investment at bruxis, however all the plans come with ROI everyday.


Trading Robots: 2.6% daily ROI
Exchange Transaction: 3% daily ROI
Venture Investment: 5% daily ROI

How Does Work? investment platform claims to make money from trading, exchange of funds and venture investors. Well in the process of review we couldn’t find any broker associated with them. They claim that you can invest in any of these packages and receive profits from the daily income gained by bruxis. In other hand, you might decide to make money by introducing other investors. In this they pay you from $100 bonus to $100,000 bonus.

Is Legit Or Scam? is not legit to invest with, the platform is nothing but ponzi. The reasons is because we couldn’t find the owner, their location and the broker they claim to work with. The new trading robot claim to work with many brokers like Binance, Bitfinex Okex etc but how do we verify it.

The simple truth about this investment platform is that they will keep using clients investment to pay clients return of investment. Therefore anytime they could not carry out such manipulation on their account. They will stop paying and those who have investment with them will lose. It far better to trade with a reliable broker or invest with copy trading tools under a good broker. Never to put you money in rather make money with copy trading at Raceoption.


Bruxis Trading Robot

The platform claim to have introduced a new trading robot. Therefore majority of their trading activities is automated. They claim to use algorithmic trading software and that (Bruxis Trade robots) is developed by their employees. More-so that since the launch of the first trading robot, many changes have been made to the program code. This is by the realities of the financial market and the world economy.

At this stage of development, for a stable income from trading on forex and cryptocurrency exchanges, their specialists claim to periodically change the hot settings of trading robots, occasionally releasing new versions with a modified program code. Professional traders monitor the trading process, the response of robots to macroeconomic changes in the world and advise the technical department on changes to the program code of the robots themselves.

How Does Investing With Their Robots Work?


Bruxis review By investing in Bruxis, you receive profit by deposits, including through the successful trading of our robots. However, having fulfilled certain conditions for the structure turnover and personal deposit, you can also expect to receive a personal licensed copy of our company’s trading robot.¬† Find the etails¬† in the investor’s personal account.

Will fail?

The website is moving well with its ads on Google and other popular search engine. However it will never guarantee that it will stay. As long as they get investors to pay old debt of other investors, then the company continues to strive. But if people notice this early then they will crash in no time. In other words, bruxis will later, even they fail, come back with another domain name. So for now we suggest you back off such investment and get your self a reliable forex investment platform. However, we have addressed some knowledge issues about trading, you need to start from here

Raceoption platform


Today we decided to write review on non reliable investment platform so you cannot be a Victim. However our review is a good guide to other ponzi schemes like this. Making a mistake of investing blindly is bad as it can make you broke. Finally we suggest you don’t put hop in any investment platform. Even in trading, you are equally to invest what you can afford to lose. platform is not legit and not reliable to invest with. See our top forex brokers list

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