Braiins Review

Braiins Review: Is Braiins Legit Or Fake? Find out today by reading our review about Braiins Mining pool. When choosing a mining platform or any investment site, there are things to look at. Firstly, check if they have history unlike Capitalex firm. Cosider what they have to offer, more-so, check if they are regulated or involved in any scam warning. Start mining.

Braiins Mining Review

Braiins Pool is a cryptocurrency mining platform that was founded in 2011-02-06.  It remain the oldest crypto mining pool and operated by group of professionals. They allows individual miners to pool their computing power to mine cryptocurrencies more effectively. Braiins is a commercial company called Braiins Mining Limited, incorporated and existing under the laws of the British Virgin Islands, Company No. 2038702. However with a registered office at Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands. This platform is just an autotuning mining firmware, it increase hashrate on your Bitcoin ASICs, improve efficiency as much as 25%, and mine on any pool or get 0% pool fees on Braiins Pool. In the process of braiin review, we visited the platform and comfirmed that it’s legit and reliable. From our observation, they offer a smooth selling mining platform which allows you to monitor all the mining activities. You make money on daily and can withdraw anytime.
Overall, braiin is a competitive product on cloud mining we have compared the platform with stormgain mining sites and would conclude that it’s a safe mining firm.

Braiins Mining Plans

Braiins offers a variety of plans to suit your mining needs, including Solo mining, Fixed fees, and FPPS (Full Pay Per Share).

Solo mining: Solo mining involves mining independently and receiving the full reward for each block you find. This can be a profitable option for miners with a large amount of hash power, but it also carries a higher risk. If you don’t find a block for a long time, you will earn no rewards.

Fixed fees: Fixed fees involve paying a fixed fee per GH/s of hash power you rent. This can be a good option for miners who want to know exactly what they will pay, but it may not be as profitable as FPPS.

FPPS (Full Pay Per Share): FPPS is a mining reward scheme where they pay miners a portion of the block reward for each share they submit. This is the most popular mining reward scheme, as it is the most fair and equitable.

Braiins also offers a Partnership Program that provides financial incentives to miners who bring hash power to the pool. Under this program, miners are rewarded with a percentage of the Braiins OS+ BTC income generated from the entire hashrate they bring to the firmware.

Table summarizing the different Braiins mining plans:


Plan Description Fee Structure
Solo Mine independently for full block rewards No fixed fee, pay per block
Fixed fees Rent hash power at a fixed fee per GH/s Fixed fee per GH/s
FPPS (Full Pay Per Share) Pay a fee per share, get paid based on block rewards Fee per share
Partnership Program Earn financial incentives for bringing hash power to the pool Percent of Braiins OS+ BTC income generated from your hashrate

To choose the right plan for you, consider your mining experience, hash power, and financial goals. Braiins offers a variety of plans to cater to different needs, so you can find the one that best suits your individual requirements.

Is Braiins Legit

Braiins is a legit mining platform with long term tracking record. If you are planning to invest with the platform or you are already mining with the firm, you are in a right place. However braiins have acquired slushpool, this shows that braiins is a legitimate company with a good reputation in the cryptocurrency mining industry. Additionally, they have been operating since 2012 and now the oldest continuously running Bitcoin mining pool. Apart  from this, it’s well-respected company with a track record of providing reliable and transparent services. Braiins company  is transparent about their operations and fees. The platform have a good track record of uptime and security with large and active community of users.
They are constantly innovating and developing new products and services to help investors achieve their goals.

Braiins Fees And Prices


Braiins Pool currently applies a 2% fee to all mining rewards. This fee is used to cover the costs of operating the pool, including infrastructure, development, and support. However, Braiins Pool also offers a 0% fee option for miners who use their Stratum V1 or V2 endpoints.

In addition to the pool fee, there is also a minimum payout threshold of 0.0002 BTC. This means that you will not be able to withdraw your mining rewards until your balance reaches this threshold. There is also a payout fee of 0.0001 BTC for payouts under 0.005 BTC.

Summary Of Braiins Pool’s Fees:

  • Pool fee: 2%
  • Minimum payout threshold: 0.0002 BTC
  • Payout fee: 0.0001 BTC for payouts under 0.005 BTC

Please note that these fees are subject to change, so you should always check the Braiins Pool website for the most up-to-date information.

Customer Support

Braiins offers good customer support vis email contact form and chat button. You can contact them via [email protected] or visit the website. This shows that braiins is legit and reliable to invest with. Wether you are a beginner or professional, the platform is easy to use. They provide social media links to help you get in touch at the had time. Therefore you just have to download the app and start investing. If you fee your mining machine is not doing well, you can increase your profit by buying additional Hashpower.


Finally we will conclude our braiins mining review by telling to start investing. The platform is lagit and reliable, users can make profits by just using their pc. However, if you feel you are not getting enough btc from your mining, you can decide to buy extra HashPower. From all indications, braiins is a wonderful, mining tools. It gives you opportunities to grow your btc just by putting in no effort.
Overall, At braiins mining platform you are in control, its customizable to implement new use cases such as selecting your own block templates and collecting telemetry data. However other platform you can get such related features are stormgain, evergreenminer and more. Please note that there are mining and trading platform we rated low, available chainmine.

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