WDC Markets Review: Is WDCmarkets Legit Or Scam? Better Read Before Investing

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WDCmarkets Broker Review: Is Wdc markets legit or scam? Find out today by reading below review.

Wdcmarkets broker

WD Cmarkets Review: This is a confused brokerage firm that was founded in 2020. The owner is still unknown and they claim to be the best forex platform. Off cause, you might not see what’s actually wrong with the broker. But let me tell you that WDC markets is not even familiar with trading. Thus providing you with a good platform. However why we didn’t want to delay before telling you that this platform is scam is because it didn’t take time to show up. In the process of WDC markets review,  we noticed that they they didn’t provide any information about their location. There’s no regulatory compliance and other need to let us know more. Read quotex broker review before trading.

Wdcmarkets Trading Platform


WDCMarkets claim to have developed a fast and reliable trading platform that is highly customizable. It is deliberately designed to meet the needs of both novice and more experienced traders. A major advantage is that it is browser-based, meaning you don’t need to download any special software – just a couple of clicks and you are on your way to trading.

As said, the platform can be used on most computers and mobile devices. It provides the perfect user experience, being easy to access and to use. It is very much focused on trading needs and you can even access the global markets on your daily commute from the train or later from your office laptop.

As a WDC Markets client, you will enjoy trading all of the popular liquid markets. They range from Forex currencies through stocks and major indices.

WDC markets broker is not offering any platform, since they didn’t specify the platform they offer. At this point we tried to open trading account with them but to no avail. However, In the process of WDC markets review, we saw that they are not trustworthy. We registered but was not able to login. The worst part of it is that we didn’t recieve any email after registration. Therefore, WDC markets is not for you, however if you saw our last post about EnviFx broker you would know that half of brokers out there is just scam and WDC markets is not different.

Best forex brokers

Broker Info Bonus Open Account
Binarium broker USA Regulation:
Leverage: N/A
Demo Account: Yes
Min Deposit: $5
750$ depends Visit Broker Read Review

WDCmarkets Account Types

WDC markets did not specify the value of the account types available. However, they showed us that they offer copy trading and robot. Though let’s put it as their account types. WDC markets offer Real Account for trading, Copy Trading Account and Robot Account

The Real Account: WDC offer real account to traders. However you can only choose this account type if your preference lies in trading on your own. Moreover, its great for experienced traders and investors who want to practices.

Robo Trading: WDC markets offer you a trading robot designed to help you. It’s highly advanced AI, which takes into account the whole market state and gives you the best predictions.

Copy Trading Account: This is the third account type that they offer. It allow you to rely on others’ success. The copy trading account allows you to make the same trades as their investors.

Is WDC markets Legit?

From all indication, WDC markets broker is not legit. Why we said that they are not legit is because it is not regulated and have no license number. More-so, we couldn’t see any good thing about them. Therefore we cannot recommend or even open account with them. Since their platform is inbuilt, the probability of scamming you to the fullest is there.

Customer Support

The broker offer 24/7 customer support to traders. However this support service come as a livechat, email and phone. The email is [email protected],  while the phone number is +44 1213681302. Therefore if you are in a problem with execution delay, you can contact them. More-so any issue as a WDC markets client, you can contact them.

Deposit And Withdrawal Methods

WDC markets is a new forex broker that is still growing up. However the payment methods provided is maestro, mastercards, visacard and wire transfer. This is not enough to help customers traders succeed.

WDC Markets Review Conclusion

Finally we will conclude our WDC markets review by telling you to avoid them. The broker is not legit and not reliable to take your investment. However we suggest as usual that you go with reliable brokers,  the broker we trust most is Raceoption or iqcent. Open account and trade with robot, or copy traders. Not it’s tested and trusted broker and very easy to use platform. See advantage of Mechanical forex trading systems. 

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