Stakeb Review Review: Is Stakeb Legit Or Scam? Why should I trade with the platform, or consider other brokers. Well, you must understand that Stakeb is still new and fresh, you will get good services but might face technical challenges. Start investing. Review


Stakeb is a trading platform that was founded in 2020-03-24 by group of experts. They are now the most profitable trading system with thousands of user.
StakeB is a user-friendly platform that simplifies investing in digital assets by providing a range of accessible features and support for multiple digital assets.
Users can earn rewards by mining digital assets for free and referring friends to StakeB’s affiliate program. Stakeb is a trusted global brand best known for offering an extensive selection of trading platforms for forex and CFD traders, as well as exceptional educational. Therefore as a beginner looking for a reliable platform trade binary options, stakeb is a good version of tools for you. Even though its a new broker, they offer a competitive trading platform with affordable pricing on crypto mining. You can start earning at a click of button mining now. However in the process of our stakeb review we registered with the platform and clicked mining now but no reward yet.

Trading Platform


Stakeb broker offers a trading platform with intuitive interface. However users can navigate from one assets to another at a click of button. The chart interface gives you opportunities to choose from available trading charts. You choose between candles sticks, area, heikin ashi, basline, line bar and more. More-so there are indicators to help you trade with the most profitable asset.
The objects tree on stakeb are Bollinger bands, balance of power, accumulative swing index (10). Apart from these features, you may experience other good features on stakeb trading platform. However in the process of this review, we created an account with them. We tried the demo platform which we are going to talk about in our next paragraph.

Stakeb Demo Account

Stakeb is a fresh trading platform with good demo for easy start up. If you are a beginner looking to trade with the platform, you can start by using their demo. In the process of our stakeb review we noticed that the demo account comes with $10000. This allows you to trade outside the crypto market in real time but can test your ability to have risk. Well, the demo is filled with many features, including all the features in the real trading account. The trading button available for trade actions are BUY and SELL button.

Stakeb Mining

Stakeb mining

Mining activities at stake B is confusing, they didn’t provide information on how you can mine with them. However i tried to get this by taking all the steps they mentioned. To start mining with this platform, you have to register then click on the mining now button that will pop up. Apart from this you can click the menu and select mining. It will allow you to take a survey to earn or you click the mining button. Please note that stakeb didn’t provide any information about their mining activity. The platform doesn’t really look like it offers mining service.

Is Stakeb Legit?

Stakeb is not legit to invest with. The platform is new and doesn’t have any good records. Rather the claim to mine which allows you to give rating as mining activity. You can trade mine, but what we saw for traders are to pairs of tradable assets. This includes btc/usdt and eth/usdt, well, this doesn’t sound cool, as it suppose to brin us with may trading options to trade on. If btc/usdt is not my favorite, do i have to take the risk because i don’t have options. This sounds shady, the platform doesn’t have intuitive interface but some of the features are good to use. See Mmmkrypto review, they are back for more harm.

Customer Support

Well, stakeb doesn’t have customer support except ticket support service. You cannot get support if not via ticket. In the process of our stakeb review, we try to scrutinize the website for a better explanation. However from all indications, you write to that contact form, you might not get support. We checked the social media links on the website but non of them take you to the stake b social account. It doesn’t even load, therefore it’s just there, more-so, if you you want to check the about page, it doesn’t open. Well maybe the website is not yet available for use.


Stakeb alternative

Finally we will conclude our stakeb review by telling you not to trade with them. However if you want to start trading cryptocurrencies, you can go for binarycent. Binarycent is legit and reliable to invest with. But on mining bitcoin and other coins, go for bitcoin-mining, it’s equally legit and reliable. Coming back to stakeb mining and why we don’t recommend the platform is because they have not proven to be legit. Our top trading platform platform binarycent but if you don’t want to do this trading yourself, go for expertinvestpro. Compare stakeb with Raceoption broker and see if you must invest.

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