Mininghardwaresale review: Is Miningardwaresale Legit or scam? Find out today by reading our review.

Mininghardwaresale review: Is Miningardwaresale Legit or scam? Find out today by reading our review. If not they might be legit and reliable but you are losing. See easy BTC mining review.

Mininghardwaresale Review

Mininghardwaresale is alo known as CCM and is the world’s Largest Mining factory in Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong. CCM supply equipment hardware for mining product all over World. CCM has the option of In house Installation i.e CCM factory itself & next installing in Client Place. This platform promise 6 months of free allocation in data center.

More-so you get 6 months of warranty service and 6 months of 24/7 technical support. Finally you get 6 months without no expenses on electricity. Mining hardware sale is a new cloud mining firm that was founded in 2022/9/23. However any claim from this website cannot be guaranteed. Thus it have a long way to go because we agree they are legit. We are not writing this to make you invest with us, or tip us. We are judging based on the analysis we gathered from the platform.

Mining plans

Mininghardwaresale offers many mining plans or package, you can start mining with starter plan. At mininghardwaresale, you can buy mining firm with free hosting and Electricity.

1. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060: This plan comes with hashrate-32 mh/s and Power- 90w. However the Profitability is 0.00003847 BTC/24h and with Approx estd.

2. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060: The Hashrate is up to 46 mh/s. More-so  the Power is 115w and Profitability is 0.00005809 BTC/24h the Approx estd.

3. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080: Hashrate that comes with this platform is 96 mh/s and Power- 220w. The Profitability is 0.00011373 BTC/24h and Approx estd

4. NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090: This plan has Hashrate up to 121 mh/s. However the Power is  285w and Profitability is 0.00014215 BTC/24h
Approx estd. Read more about inboxmining a new cloud mining firm.


Is Mininghardwaresale Legit?

Mininghardwaresale is not yet comfirmed to be legit. However the platform looks legit and services offered is encouraging. But we have to tell you that this website is 2 weeks old. It have no history to beacon on, more-so you cannot just start without proper understanding. Mining hardware sale is new and fresh.

They might be legit and reliable but still can be fake. If you want to start investing with mining hardware sale, be careful. Therefore, why do we not recommend this mining platform. The firm is not legit because it is new and we can’t identify the people involve in this platform.

To start mining bitcoin with mininghardwaresale, you should be able to identify the platform portfolio. Thus we are not saying that they have scammed us. But we can see that they have no experience and if they do, they should show us. Compare all new mining sites we have reviewed, See snkmining.

Support Service

Mininghardwaresale offers customer support via email, contact form and phone. However you can equally reach them via contact address or location. There’s a map showing their location and address. Therefore, here we will show you the address provided. This includes their office in Dubai and Singapore.

For Dubai the location is 503A, Level 5, BLOCK-A2, Gulf Towers, Oud Metha, BurDubai, UAE-16175.
However, the Phone Number is +971 502133044 and Email is [email protected].
For Singapore, the Location is No.51, The Signature Building, Changi Business Park Central 2, No.04-05, The Signature, Singapore – 486066. The Phone Numbers is +971 502133044 and Email is
[email protected]. read review before investing.

Mininghardwaresale Platform Conclusion

Finally we will conclude our mininghardwaresale review by telling you to wait while the platform is verified. You can notice people’s review at trustpilot and see if this platform is legit or scam. If they are doing greate, you will see positive review by users. If they are fake you will see it. However we know that there are fake reviews all over the internet but we want to assure you of legit review here. Moreover we recommend that you verify our review at trustpilot. Thus if we recommend a platform and users at trustpilot say it’s fake, then don’t invest in that platform. Compare platform with btc-miner and find out if smarthashes is legit.


But most cases we are ahead of trust pilot in fishing out new scams. So if we write about a broker or mining company. Just check back after few weeks or months. Read more about other platform like h2hash, start mining bitcoin with btc-miner.

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