Hashshiny.io review , they are scam get your BTC back

Hashshiny.io review


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Hashshiny.io review , they claim to be the world’s leading cloud mining platform, Offering 2% of the world’s BTC Hash Rate
They equally claimed that they will offer a cloud-based solution for mining crypto currency for all types of users.

But you know that this is total lie and fals promise, the company is not capable of doing that, because with what they presented to us, they are not worthy.

Hashshiny.io is a no where based cloud mining company that was built on 2018-07-09 and will expire on 2019-07-09.
This cloud mining niche said that they started since 2017. We could believe that only if they say that, it was the year when they conceived it in their mind.

We went online to search for hashshiny.io review in other to see what other reviewers are saying about hashshiny.io review. So that we will tamper justics with Mercy but Google’s response with peoples review was very bad.

And we equally went to groups and page but non of them recommended hashshiny for their clients.
We have to rush to whois and to our greatest surprise we saw the domain with a different data.
And finally we conclude that hashshiny is a shiny scam.

Hashshiny.io Review


Hashshing.io review

with much look at hashshiny, we could not figure their strategies, plans and aim to help you.
Their investment plan is just another trap that will definitely end up giving you insufficient wallet account.

When checking hashshiny plan we noticed that, there are 4 cloud mining plans in this site. Each of these plans come with different features. One of the most distinguishing feature has to be in the pricing of each plan. The most basic plan will allow investors to pay as little as $1 for 10 GH/s or the same amount per 100 KH/s.

The last plan which is Blake 256 R14 allows users to invest $5 for 10 GH/s. Notice how users get the same amount of hash power even if they pay more with this plan. This can be confusing, but if we look at the features of each one of these plans carefully, we find that maintenance fees also vary. See how to calculate hash power 

Is Hashshiny Legit Or Scam?

Hashshiny is a scam online mining site but claims to be righteous. However in the process of our hashshiny Review, we open account with them. Thus that made me believe that something is shady about the platform.  Hashshiny mining continues to mine bitcoin without profit. Above all, the minimum withdrawal is bigger than the average profit per 2 months on $100. This is unfair and that makes hashshiny scam and not legit.

Hashshiny.io review basic Plan

For instance, the basic plan offers the same amount of hash power for $1 but maintenance fee is $0.0015 while those who spend $5 on the ultimate plan will get the same hash power but daily maintenance fee for 10 GH/s will be $0.003.

In addition to this, new users are entitled to receiving Get 10 GH/S +100 KH/S +10 SOL/S +10 GH/S of Hash Rate for free. They claim that each user can choose which pool they want to mine with, which is quite evident in the plans which they are offering. . That flexibility should be a standard feature in all legit Crypto currency cloud mining sites. Compare hashshiny with hashfine

Are any legitimate sites associated with the website?

I was very surprised to hear my clients ask me this question, ( does hashshiny have associate with legit mining  site). But I think it wise to say no to hashshiny scam as it’s my duty to expose scam at all time, so I had to be blunt. HashShine does not possess any backlinks or shares any affiliation with any legitimate sites to date.
They don’t even trade with your money and for that, they are higher ponzi scheme.

Does the website promote unrealistic returns on investments?

When compared to with other verified websites and legitimate cryptocurrency platforms, yes, HashShiny promises ROIs that are unbelievably high and unsustainable for the long-term health of a business. Promising a daily return of 3.84% equates to a cumulative return of over 1,400% for a calendar year. Take for example their poorly photoshopped payment method badges. See our best bitcoin mining site.


Finally we have carefully screened this company and they are not reliable and trust worthy of your using your money for good. hashshiny as the name look like is just good for nothing website.

We have tried to help them by keeping calm for long; But they don’t want to help themselves but just good in scamming traders, please avoid them.

As you await the new method of catching all this cryptocurrency scammers and getting your money back. Mining rigs since hashshiny is not legit.

Mining rigs

Hashshiny.io review

We have failed to recommend this broker for you, simply because they will scam you.

But if they have scammed you, you can still get your money back.

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  1. I invested funds through luno account and somebody ask me to send the funds but now no return to me as profits, can be viewed on hashshiny app

  2. I invested funs through luno account and somebody ask me to send the funds but now no return to me as profits, can be viewed on hashshiny app

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