Fxrobotix review: is fxrobotix legit or scam find out today by reading our report on the robot

FxRobotix.com review: Fxrobotix is a forex robot and signals provider. However they claim to be the best trading robot in the world with instant profit. Thus, we checked how it works to see the effect of the signal. Looking at fx robotix app, it have bogus claims.

Firstly, they claim to use AI HFT trading algorithm to gain access to huge trading opportunities. However, as said, it’s a free software with zero cost, therefore any trader who wish to use this software will not worry about price. Rather, you just have to register and start making profits. Now, is fxrobotix legit reliable and safe to invest into? Well our FxRobotix review is an excellent answer.

Fxrobotix was founded in 2019-12-08, the experts behind this robot is still unknown to us. However the robot claim to have served thousands of investors. This robot is built to easily scan through the market price and automatically pick a potential trades. It simply assume that you wouldn’t stress yourself to reading the charts. Therefore, with this, trusting your investment on FxRobotix is totally safe. By judging their words.

How To Start Using The Robot

To start making use of fxrobotix, just visit the official website and complete your registration. After the registration, you will be asked to choose a broker from the list of the partner broker. If you choose from them, you are required to deposit a minimum $250 to you trading account.

This money you will deposit will be used to trade automatically for you. Hence you select or allow the system to choose a currency pairs, it will automatically trade for you.

Fx Robotix Brokers

Fxrobotix offer few regulated forex brokers, which range from, FXVC, Trad360 and EX central. You can choose from this brokers and you are good to go. Note that, the listed brokers does not provide any auto trading robot. But you can use trading robot on your own risk.
However, you should know its risky because it’s independent of those brokers. See our top forex brokers list 


Is fxrobotix legit?


Is fxrobotix legit or just scam? The forex trading robot is designed to trade for you without stress. We have seen so many platform and robot like that. We hardly believe stories like, fx robotix promises. It’s so ingenuity that we can’t support. However, we would say more with other reasons they have given. The owner is unknown, and the way they make their trade is not well explained. Using the robot is not advisable because it doesn’t give us what we need. Therefore if you are looking for a reliable forex, cryptocurrency and binary options robot, we recommend you try binbotpro.

Is Fxrobotix Free?



Fx robot doesn’t collect any money from you before giving you access to their robot. However you have to deposit a minimum of €$250, to any of the recommended broker.

In which after that, you will use their robot to trade that money. Now the question is how do they make money? They make money because you use their introducing brokers link (IB). Therefore, the broker pay them on each trade. Above all, they manage your trade, so they have power over your investment.

Is fxrobotix profitable?

The truth is that this robot carries a bad reputation, then if we say that they are profitable, are this reviews false?. However, this reviews is from their investors.

Therefore, If fx robotix is profitable, you would here sound yes from users. However we didn’t try the platform or the robot because it’s not good enough for us. More-so, we wouldn’t like to try it with $250, that’s a bit high.


Finally we will conclude our fxrobotix review by saying no to the robot. However if you are looking for a profitable robot, go for Binbotpro. It’s a robot that can trade forex, CFDs, cryptocurrency and binary options for you. Instead of trying fxrobotix with $250, invest it in a trusted robot.

Tested and trusted and best for cryptocurrency. Start trading with a reliable forex robot. Because fxrobotix is not reliable and not safe, you don’t have to lose before you invest wisely. Binbotpro

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