Bollinger Brands: How To Use Bollinger Strategy, Definition And Meaning

Bollinger brands strategy: what is bolinger brands? bollinger bands definition and meaning.

Bollinger brands

You have probably heard of Bollinger Bands in the media or from friends or maybe even surfed the web. But what are Bollinger Bands and how can they be used for better trading?. A little background is all that you need to understand exactly what Bollinger Bands is” and definition and what they use it for. Therefore, this article hopefully cleared that up for you.

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Who is John Bollinger

If you haven’t heard of John Bollinger yet stop what you’re doing right now and go look him up. He’s an experienced trader with a penchant for mathematical formulas. More-so a good trader and a knack for finding high probability trading opportunities. What exactly do we mean by probability trading opportunities? If you ever see the two faces of the Omega symbol you already know what I’m talking about. John Bollinger uses mathematical algorithms to identify highly profitable trading opportunities. More-so where the price of a particular asset is headed and this gives him a unique strategies.

Bollinger Brand Charts

John designed and developed the first two Bollinger Bands charts used in technical analysis, the candlestick and the moving averages. The third line he introduced called the yin-yang symbol is the Bollinger Bands “trading defense” against falling markets. The concept is simple enough, it just means that if a stock or index is heading towards a downward trend, Bollinger bands can help stop the decline and instead go in the other direction.


Therefore, one of the most widely known bollinger indicators used in today’s day-to-day trading is the moving average index. Moving averages or S&P 500 index move in a certain range most of the time. Bollinger traders look at these numbers. However, they use them to determine which way an asset is moving and use the data to make their next trade. In addition, You can use this strategy on nostro account.

Bollinger brands Definition

Bollinger bands may be used as simple moving averages or more complex indicators. A simple moving average gives you an idea of how equity prices are changing, but it doesn’t give you the details. Moreover, a longer term moving average can provide the details. And give you a clearer picture of how equity prices are related. A longer term oscillator like the parabolic SAR, has the ability to enter into a state between two moving averages. The second low and the second high pulls back in the opposite direction from each other and creates a new high.

This strategy work well when looking for signs of turning points and breakouts, or where the price is headed. However Many investors are now focusing on stock trends with this tactics. Because they offer candlestick-like signals which are very visible in a large chart. Most people don’t even realize they are using the strategy. However this is great because no one can “know” when to buy and when to sell. Bollinger bands strategy are simply a common trading tool that investors have been using for years.

Bollinger brands Strategy

The number one thing that most new Forex traders learn when they first learn about Forex is a Forex trading with Bollinger Bands. However it have been the secret of successful Forex investors for many years and at the beginning of Forex trading they were the only effective way of predicting currency movements. However, as with everything in life, they are not perfect and in fact the use of Bollinger bands can actually make your trading a lot more unpredictable if used incorrectly. You will often hear traders talk about how the absence of Bollinger bands in their charts is what causes them to fail. It’s true, but understanding the why and how of using them can help you see the opportunities that Bollinger bands can bring to your trading.

Bollinger brands strategy are actually quite simple and they are used in conjunction with other types of indicators. In fact, one of the most popular and widely used of these indicators is the Simple Moving Averages. It is a very effective way of using basic price charts to look at currency trends and give you an idea of where things might head. Bollinger bands are also often used in conjunction with other types of technical analysis indicators such as Japanese candlestick charts. When combined with other indicators, it can give you a much better view of where the market may be going.


There are many ways to use this strategy and this is how they are most commonly used. When used in conjunction with other indicators like the Simple Moving Averages or the MACD, it can give you even more insight into the markets. More-so, It is worth knowing that these bollinger bands definition doesn’t mean it will predict exactly where the market will go next. However help in decision making or rather to give you a rough idea. Therefore, Once you understand that predicting the future is nearly impossible. You can begin to focus on other things such as keeping yourself educated and up-to-date on the happenings in the financial world. Following this path will make sure that you never have any surprises when it comes to the financial markets.

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